Brexiteer blasts Labour’s plans to scrap Rwanda migrants policy

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A Brexiteer has criticised Labour’s plans to scrap the Government’s ‘Rwanda Plan’. Speaking at the party’s annual conference, a Labour frontbencher insisted its proposal would work out both cheaper and more effective than that of the Conservative Party.

The Government earlier this year announced its plan to send migrants who arrive in the UK illegally to Rwanda to claim asylum there.

It hoped this would dissuade migrants from attempting the dangerous Channel crossing in the first place.

But ministers were criticised by politicians and commentators on the left, while some on the right insisted the plan did not go far enough, with far too few migrants set to be sent away from the country.

Today has seen Labour’s turn to receive criticism for its own border policy.

The party’s conference was told that a Labour government would scrap the Rwanda plan and use the money saved to pay for a new cross-border police unit.

Brexiteer and GB News presenter Darren Grimes mocked the policy, suggesting it would make the problem of illegal crossings worse still.

He wrote in a post on Twitter: “So Labour’s plan for the Channel migrants is to gift them even more ferry rides across?”

Reports suggest, however, the Tory party under Liz Truss is also now considering “loosening immigration rules” in order to “boost the UK economy”.

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The role of the French in the ongoing Channel migrant crisis has featured in today’s discussion over resolving illegal crossings.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson last year said “I want to work with France to fix it” but stressed that Paris “could do more”.

He added that “we are seeing perhaps not enough resources put into it by our French friends”.

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Labour has insisted it would do more with Britain’s neighbours across the Channel to lower the number of illegal crossings.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper today told party members: “Unlike the Tories, we will work with France to prevent dangerous small boats crossing the Channel and putting lives at risk, with a new cross-border police unit to crack down on the criminal gangs who make millions from trading in people.”

She added that this would be “paid for by cancelling the deeply damaging, extortionately expensive, unworkable and unethical Rwanda plan”.

The party also signalled, however, that it would emulate some Conservative policy regarding immigration.

Leader Sir Keir Starmer told the conference that a Labour government would “control immigration using a points-based system”.

This style of admission was popularised during the Brexit referendum debate and was later put forward in the Conservative Party’s 2019 manifesto.

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