Brexit LIVE: Movement lost! Sunak and Truss issued new ultimatum as EU ‘revolt on hold’

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Former Brexit negotiator Lord Frost has called on the leadership candidates to end the “immobilism” and to enact “change, not continuity” in getting Brexit done.

Lord Frost said: “Two years ago, speaking in Brussels, I argued: ‘Brexit was surely above all a revolt against a system – against an ‘authorised version’ of European politics in which there was only one way to do things and only one policy choice to be made.’

“I am sad that, having delivered the revolution of leaving the EU, we drifted back to establishment policy-making norms on taxation, on energy, and on regulation.

“The movement for change was lost. The Brexit revolt was put on hold.”

Lord Frost has backed Liz Truss to be next Prime Minister and says she is the only candidate with a “clear philosophy” on how to take the country forward.

Lord Frost says next leader must ‘end defeatism’

Lord Frost said in his Telegraph column: “Britain wants to see an end to this paralysing economic defeatism.

“Like Thatcher before them, the next PM must present fresh solutions to our deep-rooted problems.”

He continued: “That’s why this final phase of the Conservative leadership campaign is so important.

“I believe that what people want is an end to immobilism, an end to the belief that some problems are simply intractable.

“They want change not continuity. That is why, as I wrote here last week, I believe Liz Truss is the right person to be Prime Minister in six weeks’ time.”

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