Brexit Britain still stuck in EU’s ‘lunar orbit’ as Johnson fails to free UK 6 years on

Brexit Britain still stuck in EU's 'lunar orbit' says Ben Habib

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Brexit Britain cannot unleash its full potential under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) – the free trade deal signed by Boris Johnson’s Government and the European Union – as it limits Britain’s capacity to legislate on some areas like aid, competition, employment, and the environment, former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib claims. Six after Britons voted to leave in the Brexit referendum, he says Boris Johnson’s Government has failed to deliver on their promises to unchain Britain from the EU’s tyranny.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Habib said: “We were locked into all these things, which put us into that lunar orbit around EU regulations.

“And those of us who conceive the Brexit as an opportunity for the United Kingdom to become an independent nimble outwardly facing trading nation is not going to be satisfied until we can get rid of those aid constraints and you know, really feel the country out.”

Among the areas that hold back Britain from legislating freely are environment, competition, employment and aid, according to Mr Habib.

“You know, the government has signed us up in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement to have a level playing field with the EU.”


“So, we are restricted from changing state aid laws, competition laws, employment laws and environmental laws in this country. Net-zero, this is a list that you really listen to next. Net-zero may be a British initiative insofar as the legislation was passed by Theresa May.

“But Boris Johnson elevated that to an international treaty status. Because we’re not allowed to regress from that legislation going forward.

“So, we are locked into Net-Zero”, said Mr Habib.

The Net Zero Scrutiny Group, a caucus of Conservative MPs, launched “Vote Power, Not Poverty” campaign inviting voters to “take back control of our energy policies and prices”, and is now demanding a referendum on the EU’s legal commitment to reach net-zero carbon emission by 2050.

Britain is still tied to EU regulations when it comes to carbon emissions and as such must abide by net-zero by 2050. According to the Environment Agency, more than 30 UK companies were fined for efforts to flout the climate change schemes.

Former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has joined their ranks and is now pulling his whole weight behind scrapping the EU legislation in Britain amid concerns the costs of the legislation will fall on Britons.

“My sense is once people get the Q1 bills people are gonna say ‘well hang on a second, what’s going on here? Why have you done this to us?,” Nigel Farage told Politico.

Going back to his fight to free Brexit Britain, Mr Habib said: “You know, I’m at the forefront of that political battle. I’m challenging the government on the Northern Ireland Protocol, which I see as a wedge in the middle of the United Kingdom.”

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Because of the TCA, Britain must abide by EU checks with Northern Ireland on the Irish Sea border. Boris Johnson and Liz Truss are leading the fight to break Britain free from EU rules and scrap checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

They both argue that is the only way to respect the will of the unionists who have refused to form a government in Northern Ireland until the Irish Sea border was gone.

In response, the EU has taken legal action against Britain for failing to honour its commitment to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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