Boris Johnson vs Corbyn: 81% agree election is only way to break Brexit deadlock in poll

In a poll, Express readers were asked: “Is holding a general election in December a waste of time?” In an overwhelming victory for the Prime Minister, 80 percent believed Mr Johnson was correct in his intention to call an election on December 12.

Of the 10,010 who responded to the poll, a mammoth 8,489 voted “no” to whether the vote was a waste of time.

Just a minority, 1,734 voted that it was while just 156 admitted that they did not know.

Reflecting the overwhelming victory for Mr Johnson, readers commented on the poll that it was finally time to deliver Brexit.

One reader said: “General election right now.

“And for goodness sake GET BREXIT OVER AND DONE WITH, we’ve been grinding on for far too long.”

Another said: “A General Election is needed to drain the swamp and remove the gridlock.”

A third reader also said: “General Election is an excellent idea – we need to punish these undemocratic MPs and sack them.”

Explaining that away from the party politics, one reader explained that an election is essential n order to restore the Government’s majority.

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They said: “Of course its not a waste of time. Our government can not govern.

“We need a strong government with a majority so it can get its policies through.

“Give Boris the tools he will finish the job for sure. Labour need to be wiped out.

“Corbyn needs to lose and lose by a massive margin.”

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Following Mr Johnson’s intention to call for an election on Monday, Mr Corbyn, has insisted that he will only support the motion if a no deal Brexit is finally ruled out.

With Mr Corbyn in mind, other readers also targeted their fury towards the Labour leader as they admitted their desperation to see the Opposition defeated.

One reader said: “If it gets rid of Corbyn, I’d vote on Christmas Day.

“Bring it on, the sooner the better, then we can get rid of Corbyn.”

Another said: “The public is crying out for an election to sort this matter out once and for all.

“Boris is trying to bring one about, Corbyn is trying to avoid it.

“Work it out for yourselves who is the untrustworthy one here.”

Although both leaders have expressed their opinions on a potential election, the EU has as of yet, not granted an extension to Brexit, meaning that the UK could still leave on October 31 without a deal.

The EU27 met on Friday to discuss an extension but could not agree to length of the extension itself.

According to an EU diplomat, French President Emmanuel Macron was the one who blocked the decision on a Brexit delay.

The poll ran on the website on October 25 from 2.50pm to 9.45pm.

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