‘Boris Johnson is finished’ Tory MPs ramp up plan to oust PM after latest poll humiliation

Boris Johnson warned about his future after bad polling

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Boris Johnson is “finished” as Prime Minister, according to journalist Peter Oborne. Speaking on LBC, Mr Oborne claimed that 2022 will be the year the Tories get rid of Mr Johnson. This prediction was made in the wake of another polling humiliation for the Prime Minister, as he entered the new year 16 points behind Labour in Red Wall seats.

A Deltapoll survey carried out for the Mail on Sunday showed the Tories losing significant ground against Labour.

In Red Wall seats, Labour was on average at 49 percent support while the Conservatives sat at just 33 percent.

The poll also put Sir Keir Starmer’s party ahead in national voting intention, with Labour on 40 percent and the Tories on 35 percent.

Mr Oborne put it simply: “I think what is certain is that if these polls continue, Boris is out.”

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LBC host Andrew Castle said: “We have the cost of living rises coming through now.

“Huge rises on the way for electricity and gas. There is a huge national insurance rise on the way as well.

“You have corporation taxes increasing, you have inflation flying up, supply chain issues. There is a whole load of issues here.

“This is a very dangerous moment for him, isn’t it? It is a tipping point.”

Boris Johnson warned about his future after bad polling

Mr Oborne responded: “Boris Johnson made a personal guarantee that he would not raise national insurance in his manifesto. He made a personal pledge with his signature.

“There is an attempt to make out that the worst is over.

“But, I think he is finished, in my view. I think there is a complete turnaround in how he has been perceived.”


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He continued: “He was seen as this amiable rascal, but now he is seen as a callous and sinister cheat.

“I think what is certain is that if these polls continue, Boris is out.

“The Conservative Party is the most ruthless electoral machine in the world.

“If they see Boris as costing them support in the Red Wall seats, they will kick him out without a moment’s thought.”

The latest bombshell poll comes as Tory backbenchers are increasingly discussing whether to force a leadership challenge.

Ashfield MP Lee Anderson warned Mr Johnson today that “some of the first-time Tory voters are beginning to have doubts” about his leadership.

The poll of 1,567 British adults between December 23 and 30 placed Chancellor Rishi Sunak as the favourite to succeed Mr Johnson in both the national and Red Wall samples if moves to oust the Prime Minister were carried out. 

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