Angela Rayner swerves GB News beergate questioning and flees in taxi – VIDEO

Angela Rayner tells GB News ‘I haven’t got time’

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Angela Rayner rushed to a taxi as reporter Ben Leo quizzed her on beergate accusations. The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party evaded the questions and avoided comments on the Labour scandal. Ms Rayner snapped at the broadcaster: “I haven’t got time for you.” Despite the snub, Mr Leo persisted with his interview: “Could you clarify whether that Commons conversation happened?”

Before the reporter could complete his first question, Ms Rayner said: “No.”

The Deputy Labour Leader stormed down the road in an attempt to escape the journalist.

The reporter said: “Did it happen or are you denying it?

“Partygate as well – Beergate – did you have curries and if so why did it take you so long to admit you were there, Angela?”

Angela Rayner swerved the questions of the GB News correspondent as she jumped into a waiting London cab.

The Labour MP promptly slammed the door of the car as the taxi sped down the road away from the journalist.

The GB News reporter added: “Angela Rayner there, not keen on answering questions about whether that Commons conversation happened or, indeed, beergate in Durham.”

The Labour Party has come under fire for a gathering involving a meal and alcoholic drinks between party members during Tier 2 lockdown restrictions.

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The Labour Party has faced renewed accusations of lockdown breaches surrounding a party meeting in Durham.

Members of the party, including Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer, gathered in a venue in Durham where the group enjoyed pints of beer.

The party initially denied Angela Rayner was in attendance but has now confessed the Deputy Labour Leader was present at the gathering.

A statement issued by the Labour Party apologised for the “mistake” surrounding the initial claims of the guest list.

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The gathering occurred last April when lockdown restrictions banned indoor socialising beyond your own household or covid bubble.

Sir Keir Starmer has insisted all Covid restrictions were followed. He has claimed the gathering was exempt as it was classified as a work meeting.

Tory MPs have drawn comparisons between the beergate accusations and the partygate scandal involving a gathering for the Prime Minister’s birthday.

Durham police have concluded no restrictions were broken but Conservative MP Richard Holden insists the force should launch a further investigation into the matter.

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