World’s Leading DeFi and CeFi Full Aggregator OpenOcean Now Live On Avalanche Protocol

OpenOcean, a leading Defi and CeFi full aggregator has announced that it is now live on the Avalanche network. According to the firm through a press release, OpenOcean users can now access Avalanche’s highly scalable and open-source platform. Consequently, OpenOcean traders can now access the best prices with low slippage during the swapping process.

Following the partnership, OpenOcean users can now enjoy liquidity provided by DEXs including Pangolin and Trader Joe.

After over 10,000 of our OpenOcean community voted for an Avalanche aggregation, we listened. Given Avalanche’s highly-esteemed reputation within DeFi circles and high-quality protocol, this integration was a no-brainer for OpenOcean. The Avalanche protocol and community stay true to the core values of DeFi. This partnership can help fulfill our vision to integrate DeFi’s most useful and most secured ecosystems,” noted OpenOcean co-founder Cindy.

Notably, OpenOcean has tremendously grown since its inception back in September 2020. Reportedly, the platform has processed over 970,000 transactions that are worth over $2.1 billion. As of press time, the OpenOcean ecosystem prides itself in having over 270,000 active unique addresses.

The intervention with Avalanche network was strategic as the latter has experienced exponential growth in the past few weeks. According to market analytics provided by CoinGecko, Avalanche’s native token has jumped approximately 238% in the past 39 days only to trade around $48.0 at the time of reporting.

The Avalanche’s ecosystem has grown to over $7.5 billion in market capitalization and a full valuation of over $31 billion at press time. Notably, the ecosystem boasts of over 225 projects built on top of it. The notable projects include Chainlink, SushiSwap, Circle, and The Graph. 

Major chains aggregated by OpenOcean include Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Tron, Heco, Solana, Polygon, Ontology, Ethereum Layer 1, and Eth L2.

Through the partnership, both protocols are set to reap huge benefits in the future as the crypto industry gets adopted by both institutional investors and retail investors. Furthermore, there is a notable demand for a secure and scalable Defi and Cefi aggregator.

As a result of the continued development, OpenOcean native coin OOE has added approximately 200% in the past 30 days to trade around $0.77 at the time of reporting according to metrics provided by CoinGecko.

With a circulating supply of 78,989,285 and a maximum supply of 1 billion, OOE has a market capitalization of approximately $61.4 million with a trading volume of approximately $2.8 million.

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