On Women’s Day, Contentworks Sponsors Female Literacy Program

It’s Women’s Day and Contentworks, a financial services content marketing agency, is celebrating by sponsoring a female literacy program. Its aim is to improve female literacy across the globe and encourage young women to be the strong, confident and highly-literate individuals they deserve to be,

This innovative content marketing agency – headed up by strong female directors – will offer their full support to non-profit charity Room to Read which focuses on childhood education and literacy throughout Asia and Africa. When it comes to corporate social responsibility, Room to Read shares many of the same social values as Contentworks – particularly when it comes to gender equality. A fact that makes the collaboration strong and appropriate.

A Story of Hope

Room to Read has already made a positive impact on the lives of 12.4 million children. By working with local communities, partner organisations and governments, this well-respected charity teaches healthy reading habits to those of primary school age and encourages girls to complete secondary education despite the social stigmas, demands and difficulties they often face. To date, 20.6 million books have been distributed and over 8,000 teachers and librarians have been trained to help those from low-income families thrive.

Room to Read do everything in their power to make reading an enjoyable experience. While reading materials for beginners are often not available in the countries where they work, the team creates interesting and engaging books for all levels. Local language books cover topics that local children will enjoy. The overall goal is to inspire youngsters to read (particularly women who are often deprived of literary privileges), expand young minds and help young people develop a lifelong love of reading.

According to the charity, many world problems can be addressed through education, yet 800 million people remain illiterate. Two thirds of those who can’t read are women and girls which is why Room to Read develops educational programs that not only have a positive, long-term effect on communities but encourage women to achieve their life goals. While over 47,000 girls have enrolled in a Room to Read female educational program it’s also been shown that 95% of those who continued their studies advanced to a higher level.

Gender equality and the right to an equal education is something Contentworks feels extremely passionate about. Their involvement ties in nicely with International Women’s Day which is celebrated every year on 8 March and whilst Contentworks fully backs such a remarkable calendar event, they’re keen for their charitable efforts to be on-going.

Battle for Global Literacy

Speaking of the collaboration with Room to Read, Creative Director Charlotte Day said: “Here at Contentworks, we’re all about equality and fully understand the importance of education when it comes to giving women the confidence to voice their own thoughts and beliefs. Being able to read is an absolute joy. It opens up so many opportunities and if we can help someone to succeed in life, we’d feel extremely proud.”

She continued: “Education is often taken for granted which is why we’re excited to support the admirable and remarkable work carried out by Room to Read. We can’t wait to share ongoing updates and milestones with our audience.”

Niki Nikolaou – Director of Business for Contentworks added: “Working in a fast-paced media agency it’s hard to imagine a life without books, blog, articles, social posts and everything that comes with running an online content business – but that’s just the point. Illiteracy prevents girls and women from exploring different avenues and achieving their full potential and that’s what we want to change.

“Young women in particular are often unable to complete their secondary school education which is why Room to Read’s educational programs are of such critical importance.”

She added: “Change doesn’t happen overnight – we know that. But that’s why Room to Read is so great. They teach parents, schools and governments the importance of literacy and help them to provide a supportive environment in which youngsters can learn. This social shift really excites us and we are happy to be involved with such a wonderful and empowering cause. At Contentworks we’re all about challenging conventions and breaking boundaries. After all, exploring new ideas is what makes life interesting.”

The Contentworks team wishes you all a very happy Women’s Day!

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