Woman in South Korea Murdered for Her Crypto Holdings

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The recent kidnapping and murder of a woman in Seoul, South Korea (the nation’s capital city) has turned up some new evidence. Police investigating the matter believe the woman may have been involved in various crypto-related disputes, and that her attacker was associated and hired by the opposing party.

Why Is There So Much Crypto Crime in South Korea?

The pair perpetrating the crime was a husband-and-wife duo named Yoo and Hwang, and they are believed to have paid more than $53,000 to the key suspect in the murder to carry things out. This stems from an official statement from Seoul’s Suseo Police Station. Arrest warrants were later issued for the suspect (who goes by the name Lee) and for Hwang, who is wanted for questioning.

At the time of writing, Lee has confessed to all the charges that are against him, while the married couple say they have nothing to do with what’s going on. Lee has been arrested along with two other accomplices for allegedly carrying out the murder of the 48-year-old woman from the Gangnam district in Seoul, South Korea. The killing is believed to have occurred on March 29 of this year. Lee and his associates then later (crudely) disposed of her remains.

Lee has issued an apology to the victim and her family, saying in recent statement:

I’d like to offer my sincere apology to the victim in this case, and I pray for the repose of her soul. I am also really sorry to her family for the irreparable scars this has caused.

South Korea appears to be at the center of heavy digital currency-centered crime as of late. Not long ago, it was announced that Do Kwon – the creator of Terra Labs – had been arrested in the European nation of Montenegro after he was discovered to be holding phony passports at an airport terminal. Do Kwon was wanted by authorities in connection with the collapse of Terra USD, an algorithmic stable currency that fell apart in the summer of last year, causing investors to lose billions.

Kwon Making Off with Investments?

Kwon is believed to have transferred all his Terra holdings into BTC just weeks before the coin’s collapse, suggesting to authorities that Kwon was planning to kill the currency and make off with any remaining profits in a rug pull. For months, Kwon was a fugitive hiding from the law, though he continued to deny this claim on social media, instead mentioning that he was willing to cooperate with police and that he was busy writing code in his living room.

The victim in this present case was part of a crypto investment scheme that the married couple also took part in. They ultimately discussed stealing her digital currency stash after the murder was to take place.

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