WinKitties Leverages NFT Technology To Boost Blockchain Adoption

The increasing popularity of blockchain-based non-fungible tokens gives rise to new innovative projects. WinKitties enters this incumbent space by offering collectible cats on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can buy, sell, and breed their digital cats at their leisure. 

WinKitties Taps a Growing Niche

As the NFT market continues to grow by leaps and bounds, new opportunities await. Newcomers to cryptocurrency and blockchain often explore non-fungible tokens and blockchain-based collectibles instead of speculative markets. The gamification of these technologies will eventually give rise to a much broader adoption rate for these new technologies.

WinKitties, a project offering digital and collectible cats on the Ethereum blockchain, wants to cater to those on the fence of entering the cryptocurrency space. All cats created and bred through the project have exciting traits and unique looks. Every cat’s visual appearance is determined by its “genes”, which reside in the smart contract.

The breeding aspect takes WinKitties from a digital collectibles platform into a self-sustaining economy. As users create and trade new collectibles over the blockchain, there is tremendous potential for customization. There are limits to how often a cat can breed, as the sire cat will need to recover from its efforts. The cat incubating the kitten is ineligible for mating again. While cats can breed an infinite amount of times, their recovery and gestational periods will increase every time.  

An Appealing Offering

Getting involved with WinKitties does not require any [extensive] knowledge of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. Instead, WinKitties makes it easy for users to get accustomed to this ecosystem and allows them to explore new combinations. As a project, the objective is to appeal to everyone through colorful digital cats. 

Furthermore, the marketing team will use “industry influencers” to create custom art for specific WinKitties cats. Doing so creates a stronger bond between the project and its community members. Moreover, it will help broaden the appeal of this blockchain-based project. The team takes long-term engagement very seriously. 

Cats With Benefits

What makes WinKitties stand out is how the cats’ level directly correlates with benefits provided to users. More precisely, there are different periods of animal adoption tied to these benefits. Signing up for the platform gives users ten small fish to buy pets, for example. As users refer others to join WinKitties, they will be able to earn a rebate income.

Join WinKitties to start your journey to earn tremendous profits in the cryptoverse. 

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