What Is Loom Cryptocurrency?

Innovation is not difficult to come by in the world of blockchain technology. Loom Network aims to become a different breed of blockchain platform, as it mainly focuses on large-scale online games and applications. It is a very interesting approach, and now is a good time to take a closer look at what this particular project is all about.

The Purpose of Loom Network

There is a lot more to blockchain technology than just financial transactions. Even though it’s evident that this technology will mainly disrupt the financial sector, projects such as Loom Network show that there are other opportunities available. Right now, this project focuses on games and social applications which can make use of this technology.

How Does it Work?

Loom Network largely revolves around DAppChains. More specifically, it aims to establish an ecosystem where token-based karma, Ethereum-based crypto-collectibles, games, and social apps can all come together without any friction. All of this will be based on forkable, decentralized, and human-readable blockchain rulesets.

Moreover, Loom Network will help build games which cannot be built without the blockchain. Although it sounds like a niche market, the project’s team has rather bold ambitions. With provably scarce items, traceable tokens, and multi-game-spanning universes, there certainly are a lot of opportunities waiting to be explored. Additionally, the project also wants to build new types of social applications not inherently driven by advertising.

The DAppChains themselves are full-scale blockchains running in parallel to Ethereum smart contracts. In the modern world, they are referred to as sidechains, but they are a rather advanced form in terms of scaling data rather than focusing on regular network transactions. Through the Loom SDK, anyone can generate their own DAppChain with its own consensus mechanism. It is quite an interesting concept which will certainly attract a lot of attention moving forward.

The Loom Token Explained

As one would expect, Loom Network has its own token. It’s known as Loom, and it allows smart contract developers to make their DApps as secure and powerful as they want. This token is also a brand-new way to incentivize Ethereum-based DApps, which will be of great interest to developers all over the world.

The Road Ahead

Even though Loom Network will only launch this month, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for this platform. Building Twitter-scale apps on top of Ethereum will not be an easy feat. It is certainly possible to do so in the future, as Loom Network seems to offer a lot of additional scaling solutions for Ethereum in its current form. 

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