UMA and DOT Price Climb Heights, Smashed New ATH! What’s Next?

UMA Price Massive Spike

The UMA price rallied like a giant, multiplying in binary in very less stipulated time. The surge was pretty massive with negligible selling and intense buying. The price hit its ATH at $38.26 in the early hours of trade and is currently attempting hard to break the upper resistance at ATH.

Miners Garden
Miners Garden
UMA token price

The huge influx of trading volume which spiked enormously of about 621.65% , surpassed $1 billion in the last 24 hours. And hence, the price rose remarkably to hit the ATH with less effforts. At the time of writing, the UMA price is $35.84 with a massive jump of nearlt 141.74% with the market cap surpassing $1 billion. 

Polkadot Price Forms ATH and Gets Rejected

Polkadot price jumped with a huge bullish momentum gaining nearly 35% of the price in the last couple of days. The price after an initial surge was trending in a very narrow range, appeared to have entered a consolidated phase.  

DOT Token price

However, the price received a bullish divergence due to which the price rallied high to smash the ATH in the very stipulated time frame.

The trading volume rose massively more than 120% to surpass $6 billion levels and the market capitalization also crossed $17 billion with a jump of 15.34%. The DOT price at the time of writing is $20.21 with a jump of 16.92% in the last 24 hours. 

The DOT price rally is expected to continue to form new highs above $26, expecting a major breakout anytime from now at the current levels around $20. 

Collectively, UMA price and DOT price successfully smashed their respective ATH in the early trading hours. However, the price appears to be poised to surpass the newly formed ATH very soon.

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