What TRON [TRX] Founder, Justin Sun’s ‘fake’ Twitter profile has been up to!

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON Foundation, popularly known for his announcement of announcements, was recently in the news for his 400k followers on Twitter.

Looks likes the scammers have done it once again. But this time, they have managed to verify a fake Justin Sun’s Twitter account.

Justin Sun’s fake Twitter Account

Justin Sun yet again announces the announcement of Tron Test Net Launch by starting a countdown for the number of days left. The scammer’s fake Justin Sun Twitter account exploited the tweet in the comments section.

Justin Sun’s fake twitter account used for scamming Tron Users

Recently, Tron Foundation’s Twitter account was in the limelight when a huge scam took place on this social media platform. The scammers had created the fake account using a different username and profile. The profile was initially based on a ‘non-profit organization’ and once the account got verified, they changed the name and profile to ‘Tron Foundation’.

They started scamming people claiming that ‘they will be providing all the TRON users double the ETH sent to their account’. Quite a few users fell for this trick, as the profile was verified by Twitter and had a blue tick next to the name.

Tron Foundation Fake Twitter Account

After this incident, a lot of crypto-influencers, founders and official accounts took this to Twitter’s notice and requested them to sort this as soon as possible. Jack, CEO of Twitter even announced that they are working on making the process of verifying Twitter account more authentic. But there’s been no update regarding the same.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum even started a movement on Twitter to stop scammers and make people aware by changing his profile name to, “Vitalik ‘No I’m not giving away ETH’ Buterin”. This movement was later joined by CZ, the CEO of Binance, who also changed his profile name to,”CZ (not giving crypto away).”

Irrespective of all the efforts, scammers seem to be still thriving on Twitter.

Rajath Thapar, a crypto-investor says,

“I wonder what Twitter is doing. Like honestly, how long will it take for them to fix this problem? It’s been going on for such a long time and all they say is we are on it.”

Dan Hans, a Tron investor says,

“This always happens with Tron. Always. We are everyone’s favourite. Bawahhahahaha!”

Katherine Barnes, a crypto-investor says,

“Justin Sun should stop tweeting gibberish all the time. Every time he tweets either the Tron falls or something else happens. The scammers have realised this and that’s precisely why they keep targeting Tron all the time.”

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