The First Token Burn in BTC-Alpha’s History Went Successfully

A historic event took place on BTC-Alpha, a European-based cryptocurrency exchange. The first token burn of the exchange’s native tokens, ALP Coins, went successfully. They burnt 1,000,000 tokens according to the trading volumes of ALP throughout the entire existence of the exchange, and also all the ALPs paid for its products and services.

Vitalii Bodnar, the CEO of BTC-Alpha, promised this burn will become the beginning of a big update where the economy of the ALP token will be reevaluated completely.

As the token burn took place, ALP cost around $0.26. At the moment of writing the press release, it broke through up to $1.34. Overall it has shown a 417.7% growth since April, 16th, as CoinGecko informs.
Vitalii Bodnar shared the results of BTC-Alpha’s first token burn on LinkedIn. He expressed gratitude to all the users of the exchange for supporting ALP Coin and their credit to BTC-Alpha. “For already 5 years we are here for you with the best quality of our service, never letting you down”, said he. “This token burn is our first step to a new stage of our development”.

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