The Blockchain Games Making Their Mark on 2023

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Blockchain gaming has been a key driver in the growth of the cryptocurrency industry in recent years. Now, as the industry appears from the devastating crash of winter 2022, many experts are predicting that the next phase will be centred around the GameFi space.

In this article, we’ll dive into why blockchain gaming is so popular and discuss the latest titles that are already making their mark in 2023.

Can Gaming Lead to Mass Crypto Adoption?

It’s true that Web3 and blockchain games are hot topics right now, not least because of the potential they hold to reshape both the gaming experience and the way consumers think about cryptocurrencies. By leveraging play-to-earn economics, rewarding gamers with NFTs, and ensuring existing crypto owners can use their existing tokens to access gaming platforms — as displayed by Bovada’s online casino with crypto withdraw functionalities — the blockchain gaming sector has widespread appeal.

The rising consumer interest in the market is growing year by year, which is also resulting in increased revenue and investments. In 2022 alone, over $2 billion in funding was raised for Web3 gaming projects. Meanwhile, according to a recent MarketsandMarkets report, the blockchain gaming segment is predicted to reach a valuation of $65.7 billion by 2027.

From within the crypto world, too, there’s a strong consensus that GameFi will take the reins in pulling the industry into a new bull run.

Experts are now predicting the biggest driver in the space will be centred around one sector: blockchain gaming. Top analyst Pentoshi posted his thoughts on Twitter recently, where he lauded crypto gaming for being “something almost anyone from any culture” can get involved in and declared it would likely “provide the most upside”. It’s a sentiment echoed by Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon co-founder, who’s identified gaming as “the largest scale opportunity for crypto”.

The Titles Leading the Charge

With so much support for the rise of blockchain gaming, both in and out of the sector, what are the key titles to keep an eye on in 2023 and beyond?

Tamadoge: Super Doge

When Tamadoge and its native coin TAMA launched in the crypto space in 2022, it quickly garnered substantial attention. Despite the bear market conditions, the project has garnered significant interest.

Easily one of the best titles in the GameFi sector, Tamadoge updated the 90s Tamagotchi craze for the NFT generation, with players needing to feed, grow and play with their virtual pets. More recently, its utility has been further expanded with the release of Super Doge, a platform game set in the Tamadoge universe.

Swords of Blood

While GameFi titles can’t be beaten in terms of P2E features, many of the first-generation games are lacking on the gaming content and experience front. Consequently, game creators are now focusing more on developing titles that feature premium video game levels of quality. One of the newest crypto gaming projects to make gameplay as much of a priority as functionality is Swords of Blood.

Developed by a team of gaming industry veterans whose combined experience spans brands from Xbox to Ubisoft and gaming franchises from Assassin’s Creed to SimCity, Swords of Blood promises to deliver an engaging narrative where users can play a range of fully realised characters. Available in a free-to-play format on the PC as well as on mobile platforms that support cross-play, this is a title that puts user experience before monetisation.


The Metaverse is a concept that is already starting to shape the newest generation of blockchain games, as showed by RobotEra. Powered by the TARO crypto token, this brand-new game (that is still in its presale stage) merges NFTs, engaging gameplay and the metaverse to create an immersive virtual universe akin to The Sandbox.

In RobotEra, players can shape their own virtual worlds, build planets, buy resources and create and play as robots. The title’s metaverse is also linked to several other virtual worlds (a multiverse), which broadens the gaming experience even further. Community is at the heart of this game, enabling players to explore, create, share and even trade digital assets in the ecosystem.

Doge Rush

The crypto world is filled with firsts, and in Doge Rush, it gets its first “meme-based side-scroller” crypto game. Having entered the presale stage in Q2 2023, the project has raised over $320,000 at the time of writing.

What makes Doge Rush stand out in the market is that it plays like a classic platformer video game with its side-scrolling features. Players take part as doge avatars, who are chased throughout the game by a shadowy Elon Musk-type character. Along the way, gamers encounter a variety of internet memes and get the opportunity to play for NFTs in the P2E mode, DogeHub.

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