Rockstar and Kiss Bassist Gene Simmons Tells Fans He Bought Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin News

In September of 2020, the frontman for the rock band Kiss, Gene Simmons, tweeted a cryptic message about bitcoin with one of the cofounders of the Gemini crypto exchange. Then on Sunday, the Kiss singer tweeted to his 900k Twitter followers that he bought “bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and others.”

The bassist and co-lead singer of the classic rock band Kiss discussed cryptocurrencies on Twitter on Sunday, after a few months ago when he tweeted about the subject with Cameron Winklevoss last September. His tweet at the time simply said “I will. I am,” in response to a Twitter discussion about the leading cryptocurrency.

The message was cryptic and people didn’t really understand what the Kiss frontman meant at the time. However, on Sunday the rockstar, also known by his stage persona “the Demon,” said he bought and owned some digital currencies.

“I’m not recommending any of this to anyone,” Simmons tweeted. “But yes, I bought and/or will own bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and others.” The Kiss bassist may have been referring to his cryptic tweet on September 15, 2020.

A number of cryptocurrency supporters responded to Simmon’s tweet on Sunday and of course, many shilled their favorite cryptos with funny responses, animated GIFs, and memes. One Twitter account dubbed “The moon” (@themooncarl) responded to Simmon’s statement and said: “Buying bitcoin is a vote against the corrupt banking system, it’s a great choice. Any price below $100,000 per bitcoin is still cheap,” he added.

Then the Kiss bassist and vocalist decided to tweet some more about a few other tokens he purchased.

“Not recommending any of these to anyone,” Simmons said before his next message. “But yes, I also bought Dogecoin, XRP, and others. Make of it what you will.”

Now, this tweet was a little more controversial, as XRP has its share of controversy and haters. “Nice gene you bought the bag holders deluxe pack,” one person responded. Both of Simmons’s crypto tweets have seen over 12,000+ likes and a few thousand retweets as well. The crypto community seemed pleased that the famous classic rock musician was opening up about his digital asset holdings.

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