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  • Ripple Swell event is scheduled for November 8 and 9, 2023 in Dubai.

  • There are speculations that Ripple might announce its IPO at the event.

  • The event will also feature discussions on the future of digital currencies, regulatory frameworks, and Ripple’s acquisition of VARA.

Ripple, the cryptocurrency sensation, is gearing up for a major revelation that has the potential to send its price skyrocketing to unprecedented heights. Among the notable dates to remember, circle November 8-9, 2023.

Here’s why.

What’s Happening on November 8-9?

A prominent figure within the XRP community, affectionately known as “XRP Captain,” has sent shockwaves through the crypto sphere by sharing a cryptic image. This image, which has set tongues wagging, unveils Ripple’s highly anticipated Swell event, scheduled for November 8 and 9.

Speculations are rife as to whether Ripple might use this event to officially declare its intention to go public.

Apparently, many experts have been talking a lot about Ripple going public through an IPO in recent weeks. Ripple even posted a job opening for a “Senior Shareholder Communications Manager,” which suggests they’re getting ready for an IPO.

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A Look Ahead

Looking ahead to the eagerly awaited Ripple Swell event in Dubai, XRP enthusiast “WrathofKahneman” (WoK) has shared some intriguing insights about what the future might hold. WoK firmly believes that this event carries substantial weight and is curious about the prospect of an IPO taking center stage.

Beyond the exciting IPO discussions, the Ripple Swell event promises to delve into a diverse range of topics, offering a comprehensive outlook on the cryptocurrency landscape.

The agenda encompasses the future of digital currencies, regulatory frameworks, Ripple’s acquisition of a Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA), and the emergence of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

What It Means for XRP Price

Right now, it’s unclear if this event will directly affect the XRP price. Ripple Swell isn’t a widely advertised conference, so just having the event may not change the price.

This event was earlier held virtually in 2020, 2021, and 2022, but now it’s happening in person in Dubai. It will have attendees from over 40 countries, 80 speakers, and more than 600 people.

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However, the real excitement is if Ripple chooses to make a big announcement at this event, like an IPO. If that happens, it could have an impact on the XRP price. So, we’ll keep an eye on November 8-9 to see what Ripple has in store for the XRP community and the wider crypto world.

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