Revuto Revolutionizes Token Utility With Revulution NFTs & Lifetime Access To Netflix Or Spotify

The popular subscription management app Revuto is on a mission to revolutionize non-fungible token utility with the launch of 10,000 limited edition NFTs that grant the holders with a lifetime subscription to either Netflix or Spotify. 


The innovative Revulution NFTs make it possible to pay just once, and enjoy unlimited access to the world’s best TV and music streaming services, forever. It means no more price hikes, no more nasty billing surprises and no more being cut off for forgetting to pay – ever again. What’s more, if the Revulution NFT holder decides they no longer want to watch or listen, they can sell that NFT and bag themselves a huge profit. 

How on Earth is Revuto able to create such an incredible offer? The secret is Revuto’s virtual debit cards (VDCs), which are used to pay the actual subscription fees. Each of the limited edition Revulution NFTs will be linked to a VDC that’s topped up by Revuto on a regular basis and used to pay for the subscription each time it’s due. So the subscription will always be paid for, and the NFT holder never has to worry about it themselves. 

When it comes time to sell that NFT, Revuto will issue a new VDC to the new owner, with that card being topped up instead to keep paying for the subscription. 

The limited edition tokens are part of Revuto’s plan to revolutionize the subscription economy through its Revulution NFTs. Revuto will soon start selling Revulution NFTs that tokenize any kind of subscription, giving users far more flexibility than they’ve ever had before.

With Revuto’s Revulution NFTs, users will be able to subscribe to any service in the world – be it a gym, a software service, a book club or something else – for any time period, then sell or gift an unused subscription period to others. 

The Revulution NFTs solve one of the biggest problems in the subscription economy, namely wasted subscriptions. Most subscription services are pretty inflexible.

Sign up to Netflix for a full year and you’re stuck with that deal. If you decide you no longer want to use Netflix after six months, there’s no going back. Netflix won’t offer you a refund for the months you didn’t use, meaning that money spent has been wasted. 

It’s a bigger problem than most people realize, with Revuto claiming that 50% of consumers currently pay for subscriptions they don’t actually use. By tokenizing subscriptions with Revulution NFTs, Revuto fixes this problem. Users can purchase a subscription to any service for as long as they want, receiving a Revulution NFT.

Alongside the NFT, they’ll get a VDC that Revuto will top up for as long as the subscription period lasts. So sign up for a food delivery service for six months and Revuto will top up that card for the duration. Should the NFT holder decide to sell after four months, they can do so, with a new VDC being assigned to the new holder once the sale is complete. 

“The purchased “subscription” NFT should never have a value less than the subscription period left since after enjoying the subscription for some time you’ll be able to send or sell it to others,” Revuto said in a blog post. “The new owner will be able to use the same subscription until the NFT expires.” 

In other words, Revulution NFTs can be thought of as “disposable NFTs”. Once the subscription period ends, Revuto will stop topping up the VDC that’s linked to it, and instead provide an address where the user can send it to get rid of the clutter in their wallet. 

Of course, you won’t want to dispose of the limited edition NFTs for Netflix and Spotify, as those will never expire. 

Lucky users who snap up one of the limited edition Netflix and Spotify NFTs will also receive a unique “Card NFT” that provides them with early access to Revuto’s Physical Debit Cards.

While the VDCs can only be used to pay subscriptions, the PDCs can be topped up with crypto and used to pay for products and services anywhere Mastercard is accepted, with unique rewards and cashback bonuses. 

The first, limited edition Revulution NFTs launched this week. Existing Revuto customers will receive 5% of the purchase price as cashback in REVU tokens, through a referral code provided in the Revuto app. 

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