Qtum And Vaccine Forward Bring 12,000 COVID-19 Vaccinations To The World's Poorest Countries

Blockchain platform Qtum supports the initiative to get COVID-19 vaccines for the world’s poorest countries. Via a partnership with Vaccine Forwards, the goal is to raise $2 billion to speed up the vaccination process. Qtum Chain Foundation will match the total number of vaccinations raised by Vaccine Forward to bring relief to 92 countries. 

The COVID-19 pandemic affects all countries equally, yet the vaccination strategy can leave somewhat to be desired. Getting vaccines to the poorest countries is a challenging endeavor. Swedish grass-roots initiative Vaccine Forward acknowledges this struggle and has raised 12,000 vaccinations in a short amount of time. Thanks to a Qtum Chain Foundation donation, the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is urged to contribute to global COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

By matching all vaccinations raised by Vaccine Forward, Qtum positions itself as a crucial catalyst in the global vaccination effort. Of the 12,000 vaccinations raised so far, half of those are made possible thanks to the Qtum Chain Foundation. A partnership like this can entice the rest of the blockchain and crypto world to provide similar efforts over the coming weeks and months. With people in 92 countries waiting on vaccinations, time is of the essence. 

Vaccine Forward Founder Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist adds:

“As a grass-roots organization, Vaccine Forward is proud to receive the biggest donation so far, effectively doubling the amount of raised vaccinations, from 6 000 to 12 000 with Qtum’s donation. We are also very happy for Qtum’s challenge to the Blockchain-space at large to do the same.”

Efforts like these would not be possible without private and corporate donations made to Vaccine Forward. All donations sent to this grass-roots initiative will go to COVAX AMC via the Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI). Soon, both people and companies can also donate directly in cryptocurrency on the site, which could spark interest for more people to donate.

Qtum Co-Founder Jordan Earl states:

“We hope that we can inspire our industry to do the same and also match Vaccine Forwards fundraising to help in the effort of vaccinating people who need it the most. We at Qtum are global problem solvers with an open platform and therefore, I think the grass-roots organization Vaccine Forward is an amazing solution to a complex global problem.”

Today, over two billion people live in countries incapable of vaccinating their residents, elderly, or hospital workers. Vaccine Forward, chaired by former Swedish minister of Aid Gunilla Carlsson and founded by business-angel and entrepreneur Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, does its part to impact the global COVID-19 vaccination strategy positively. Forging a powerful alliance with Qtum Chain Foundation underlines the need for these efforts. 



GAVI is an international organization that unites players in the public and private sectors. GAVI has taken a leading role in jointly coordinating the development and procurement of vaccines via the COVAX Facility.

COVAX AMC was created to secure funding for those countries that do not have the capacity to pay for their own vaccines. GAVI is working with UNICEF and the WHO to ensure infrastructure and technical support will be in place to safely deliver Covid-19 vaccines to all those in need. 


Giva Sverige (the Swedish Fundraising Association), is a professional membership body for safe fundraising, working with quality assurance, training and professional development. Their work aims to promote the interests of ethics, transparency and professional leadership within charitable institutions.

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