PrimeXM Records Again over $1 Trillion in Trading Volume during October

PrimeXM, an FX trading industry technology provider, published its trading volumes report for October 2021, noting another milestone hit for the period on monthly trading volume.

According to the metrics across its four major data center locations, the company surpassed the $1 trillion threshold in monthly volume for the fifth consecutive month, reaching over $1.10 trillion, which is a 23% yearly increase compared to the last year’s figure of $894.36 billion. In addition, the average daily volume (ADV) for October was $52.38 billion, with October 6 as the highest daily trading volume day of the month, which accounted for around $62.09 billion turnovers.

As usual in PrimeXM, XAU/USD concentrated most of the monthly trading volume, taking 28% of the total market share with about $312.2 billion in notional value. US Index 30 (Dow Jones Industrial) was second with $170 billion, PrimeXM reported. Both EUR/USD and GBP/USD accounted for a combined trading volume of $236.6 billion.

In September, the fintech liquidity aggregation provider reached $1.23 trillion in trading volume for the period across its four major data centers. On a yearly basis, the record represented an increase of 31%, surpassing the previous peak reached in March 2020.

Also, PrimeXM set a new record for daily trading volume on September 28 with a turnover of $85.25 billion for the month of September, with an average daily volume (ADV) of $44.78 billion. On a monthly basis, there were 30.37 million trades, which represents an increase of 12%.

Partnership with Tradefeedr

In September, Tradefeedr, a community-based FX data and analytics provider, announced that it has partnered with PrimeXM to offer Tradefeedr’s data analytics using PrimeXM-own XCore technology stack. The partnership allows PrimeXM’s participants to access advanced trading data management and analytics in ‘a seamless way’.

That said, people could access the full suite of Tradefeedr’s collaborative tools when they choose to connect with Tradefeedr. XCore is a liquidity-aggregation platform from PrimeXM, which supports 120 market makers across multiple asset classes and multiple interfaces.

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