Pay Attention To These Altcoins

Altcoins are incredibly risky, and come with a lot of negative attention. But, just as is often the case in the cryptocurrency market, higher risk comes higher reward; so, despite the negative attention, they are still gaining a lot of attention, and these altcoins in particular should be at the forefront of our attention.

Bitcoin Private (BTCP):

ZClassic and Bitcoin have co-forked, and created Bitcoin Private (BTCP). Those who are holding ZCL and BTC in supported wallets or exchange would receive a 1:1 ration of Bitcoin Private.

It should be noted that not all exchanges support the fork, and there was a delay in providing BTCP to traders’ wallets.  If you hold private keys, that either your ZCL or BTC were in at the time of the snapshot, you will be able to claim your Bitcoin Private weeks before the traders on other exchanges.

The reason that this is definitely one to watch is because it is so much faster than traditional Bitcoin, and includes the privacy features that is lacking in other cryptocurrencies.

Dragon Chain (DRGN):

This is a blockchain based enterprise solution that has been designed to simplify the process of incorporating the blockchain into already existing businesses. They are a Disney backed development that has been designed to help businesses that are already profitable, to introduce blockchain technology to their company.

So why should we be paying attention to DRGN? It is currently trading at $1.53, where it had dropped from a high of over $4.00 at the beginning of January. They are in the process of hosting ICO’s as well as attempting to get added to the major exchanges. It is expected that any acceptance onto a major exchange will significantly bump the value.

Experts have predicted that 2018 will be a brilliant year for DRGN.

Metal (MTL):

MTL had a bit of a bad run after it was removed from Bittrex back in January, which caused the price to absolutely plummet. It is not all bad news though and two months after they were removed from one exchanged, they remained on Binance, and have now announced that the product was ready.

MTL have had a great first quarter so far, and with only thirty days left to go, things are looking good for them. Customers can expect to hear about more major announcements in the coming few weeks.

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