Pablo Escobar’s brother launches new Cryptocurrency ⋆ ZyCrypto

The meteoric rise in the value of Bitcoin in 2017 have seen it gain popularity like no other, with people unaware about cryptocurrencies taking a deep interest in the subject. Seasoned investors investing in traditions stocks and equities have also invested in cryptocurrencies due to its popularity. And although the current value of Bitcoin is not that high, cryptocurrencies in general still occupy the mind of investors and computer geeks alike.

The overnight craze in Bitcoins have led to many people taking a deep interest as well as dipping their hands for a slice of the proverbial pie, aka the huge profits generated in cryptocurrencies. And now jumping on the bandwagon is Roberto Escobar, the brother of the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Roberto had earlier sued Netflix for an amount of over $1 billion for the show Narcos. His new cryptocurrency, called the Dietbitcoin and abbreviated as DDX, is being funded by Escobar Inc., his investment firm.

The CEO of Escobar Inc., Olof Gustafsson, claims that Dietbitcoin is the gift of Escobars to the common people. He says that Roberto Escobar had figured out the CIA’s true intentions as they had tried to infiltrate their company in order to sabotage it.

They had successfully foiled the CIA’s attempt, and in the process came to know about the fact that Bitcoin, was in fact, created by the CIA and the American government in order to fool people around the world.

He further says that Roberto believes that a lot of these digital currencies circulating today are scams funded by governments, especially the American government, and in order to fight against it, they have created Dietbitcoin to provide a genuine solution to this forever problem.

Gustafsson also claims that with the $100 billion dollar legacy left by the Escobars, they would crush Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and become the defacto digital currency of choice for the people across the world.

Dietbitcoin claims to be faster as well as lighter than Bitcoin. It also claims to be using peer-to-peer technology of the Blockchain which would have no central authority or interference with banks and nobody would be able to lay claim to the same. The currency would also be open source to enable community participation.

Dietbitcoin has a total supply of 1 million tokens, which would be distributed to the public in three different sales. The first three hundred thousand tokens would be sold for $50 each, but are currently discounted and are being sold for $2 a token. The other 300,000 would go on for $100 each while the rest would be sold in the open market for a thousand dollars each.

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