Opinion: Joe Biden Will Never Take Responsibility for Hurting Crypto or America's Standing

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Joe Biden is responsible for a growing number of mishaps since he first entered the White House. He’s responsible for the collapse of the crypto space, the death of the American economy, the border crisis, the list goes on and on. The problem is that he’ll never admit to any of this, as he and his fellow nation haters are consistently looking for ways to shirk the blame onto others.

Joe Biden: America’s “Loser-in-Chief”

Not long ago, several members of the Biden administration issued a report blaming Trump for the country’s sloppy and reputation-altering exit from Afghanistan in August of 2021. Really, Biden? Is this a sick joke of some kind? August of 2021… This was literally seven months after Trump left office. You had been in power for some time already. How on earth can you say the Afghanistan debacle is Trump’s fault?

We all watched in horror on television the footage of people as they clung to the side of a plane lifting off the ground. We all watched as more than $85 billion in top-of-the-line equipment was left in Afghanistan for the Taliban to steal and become even stronger despite a 20-year campaign to remove its influence. We all watched as the military was pulled out of the nation first and American citizens and our allies were left behind, many of whom are still trapped within Middle Eastern borders nearly two years later.

Biden, let’s be perfectly clear… You and only you are responsible for this mess. Not Trump, not any of his staffers, just you. You were warned multiple times by military personnel that such a pullout would result in catastrophic results, but in the end, as usual, your ego got in the way, and you went forward with your ridiculous plan. It’s cost lives, and it has cost the U.S. its reputation.

If you had any presidential instinct, you would apologize profusely, swear to make things right, then take necessary action to ensure the future could remain intact. You would then resign and give someone with a more capable hand the opportunity to step in and fix what you’ve clearly destroyed, but you’ll never do this. You are not a leader; you’re a jester, and a very weak and unfunny one at that.

“I’m Sorry” Are Words That Don’t Exist in His Vocabulary

This same scenario applies to the crypto industry in many ways. By signing his name to an endless array of trillion-dollar spending bills and making a long string of poor decisions regarding the U.S. economy, Biden has given rise to a 40-year high in inflation. He has brought the nation to its knees and caused the catastrophic destruction of a growing financial arena and cut many people out of the American dream.

But it’s clear, now, we will never get an apology from Joe Biden, much less action to resolve his endless mistakes.

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