NY Fintech Coinseed ICO Reaches Major Milestone

Coinseed ICO

NYC, USA – Coinseed, the New York based fintech startup, announced that its ICO will launch March 20, 2018, to support expansion plans for company amid white-hot demand from current app users.

Coinseed’s founders started the company when they recognized that there was a large audience who were unable to access cryptocurrency markets due to the complexity of wallets and exchanges, and that many have only small amounts to invest. “A lot of our current users came to us looking for a solution that takes all the hassle out of buying cryptocurrency. We feel like the Coinseed app gives them exactly that” said co-founder Del Davaasambuu.

The Coinseed app offers a solution that makes it fast and easy to invest in today’s top cryptocurrencies, requiring less than 5 minutes to initially fund an account, and build a portfolio. From there, the app collects and invests spare change by rounding up every purchase you make. It requires no wallets or private keys to get started, making cryptocurrency accessible to a much larger audience around the globe (Coinseed’s app launches globally in the next week).

Coinseed’s app also solves two other issues facing cryptocurrency investors today – accessibility and security of funds. Converting cryptocurrency back into real money can be extremely difficult. Coinseed makes it super easy and quick to withdraw money on their app. Cryptocurrency is also notorious for the amount of hacking that occurs. Coinseed has gone to great efforts to use the exact same secure technology as Mint, Venmo, Acorns and Transferwise, and also hold 65% of all crypto holdings in multisig cold wallets – a much higher security standard than is used presently by most holders.

Coinseed has made great strides in putting together a compelling proposition for ICO investors. “In the run up to our ICO, we’ve added a number of seasoned blockchain specialists to our advisory team.” said Sukhbat Lkhagvadorj, Coinseed’s co-founder. “We’ve configured our token offering to make it a proposition that is hard to turn down”.  After successfully raising $200,000 during it’s pre-ICO fundraising round, Coinseed plans to raise the remaining $10 million via it’s ICO – beginning on March 20th, 2018.

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