Social Microblogging App Fueled by Bitcoin Cash Tips Gathers Traction

For quite some time now, bitcoin cash users have been leveraging the web portal in order to write blog posts, connect with like-minded individuals, and earn bitcoin cash for providing popular content. Now the creators of have introduced another application called, which is similar to the parent platform, but allows people to make noise using much shorter messages.

Microblogging and Bitcoin Cash Tipping

Bitcoin cash (BCH) supporters have been recently introduced to a new platform created by the creators. has reported on the platform on various occasions, and it quickly became the top crypto-centric blogging forum on the web among BCH fans.

Since the blogging application’s inception, the team has presented a new medium called, a Twitter-like platform that allows people to write shorter blurbs of text and share other mediums of content like pictures as well. can easily be described as a microblogging platform, but there are some differences because the application allows people to tip and interact with posts using BCH.

Now first and foremost, is not like, as it is not an immutable form of microblogging. Users do have to accept a number of rules that apply to the platform and they are similar to the terms of service (ToS). The application allows people to interact with posts similar to the myriad of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter by allowing the user to “like” a post.

However, unlike the social media giants, allows the user base to tip each post with bitcoin cash (BCH) payments.

Bitcoin Cash Pool, Devs State More Features Will Be Applied users can simply tip the post by scanning a QR code tethered to each and every live post added to the feed. The application does not have a native wallet, but allows users to tether their accounts to a public bitcoin cash (BCH) address of their choice.

After registering with and accepting the ToS, users simply add a public address in the ‘wallet’ section located in the profile tab. A few users have written reviews about on the blog since the platform was first introduced.

The blogger dubbed ‘Bitcoincash247’ writes: is a social platform just like Twitter which allows its [userbase] to earn bitcoin cash from tips for making short posts. Although this awesome platform is still under upgrade, it has already been found interesting by its [userbase], as it offers a free [bitcoin cash] pool were users can tip each other for free.

In a post written on the Reddit forum r/btc one individual exclaimed that both “ and are awesome.”

“Exactly how I imagined the Internet of money would be,” the post added. “[Bitcoin Cash] has a really great future.” Another user described the app as a platform that’s “like Twitter with crypto, but still in alpha version, I think they will add more features later.”

In response to the features request, the Reddit account u/readcash said: “We need to do a lot of things. Rest assured, we’re working on them.”

The team details that a fully functional embedded wallet will be implemented in future updates. also has discussion chambers with conversation topics like art, cooking, education, homeschooling, holistic living, personal finance, photography, quotes, travel, and more. Since was first launched, the platform has attracted a number of users, as the feed continues to grow lively and filled with noise.

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