No Problem Crypto Advertising – Myth or Reality?

The rise in the price of Bitcoin always attracts attention of the crowd. And not only to itself, but also to the huge crypto sector, in which there is always a place for technology and new interesting projects. But promoting them is more and more difficult since 2018. In the summer of 2018, Google banned ads for projects with a cryptocurrency charm. Special attention was paid to ICOs. In August 2021, there were positive news stories that the ban had been canceled. In fact, the new formulations are even more blurred, and tightened rules for certification are hidden under their shroud. Thus, there are more new requirements, and Google and Facebook started blocking advertising of crypto projects with even more enthusiasm.

The main problem is that there are no fools in Mountain View, California – at the Google headquarters, they clearly monitor all the new trends in the crypto world, so as not to miss the opportunity to put a spoke once again in the wheels of progress.  Even high-tech projects must prove that they did not come here for scamming. DEFI projects (a segment of decentralized finance for the exchange of crypto assets without intermediation in the form of exchanges), NFT projects (a new type of art in the form of creating unique paintings, photos or videos on the blockchain), crypto exchanges – all these startups and projects suffer from the impossibility of aggressive promotion thanks to Google and Facebook crypto advertising.

It is impossible to launch an advertising campaign without passing the most complicated certification procedure. You must not only spend time and effort, but also slow down the project development. Google crypto promotion turns into a difficult task that is often beyond the power of the project CEOs and owners.  Often, even with a large budget for attracting crypto traffic, you cannot achieve the desired result. That is why crypto projects are increasingly looking for new ways to ensure high-quality crypto marketing.

Mission Possible

Given the complexity of setting up ad campaigns, there are companies that offer to take on the solution of all difficulties and set up ads as quickly as possible and with the best budget. In particular, is one of such projects that has brought together under one roof the best marketers and professional traffic managers with many years of experience in the crypto segment. The team has more than 2,000 successful advertising campaigns, starting from the ominous 2018, when almost the entire crypto industry seemed to fall under ban. Together with the Google experts, crypto advertising will be an easy walk, as they know all the subtleties and keep their finger on the pulse of updates. Representatives of the crypto industry are already actively using the Traffus services. After all, the company’s specialists know how to create advertising campaigns, which are moderated very quickly and go with no unpleasant surprises such as blocking. At least, numerous case studies about the service help to make sure of this.

What will Google and Facebook crypto advertising be like in the future?

It is difficult to imagine the prospects of this market in any of its facets since everything is changing very quickly here. Most likely, the main restrictions will concern the influence on citizens of the United States and the European Union. You need to go through many circles of evolution to get the SEC recognition in all areas, as the Coinbase exchange did, for example. Promoting rather modest projects is becoming more and more difficult, but the services for creating Google and Facebook ad campaigns are ready to help you with this. In addition, search engines and social platforms are better off fighting FUD and fake news than putting a spoke in the wheels of technology progress.

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