New Amazon series explores NFT culture: Nifty Newsletter, Dec. 14–20

NFTs and soulbound tokens define Web3 filmmaking, says director

With Web3 making its way to various industries like filmmaking, one movie director believes that tools like NFTs and soulbound tokens — digital identity tokens representing a person or entity — can serve cinema in various ways.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Stephen Fung, director of the Web3 film project Departed Apes, shared his perspective on integrating Web3 tools into cinema. According to Fung, there are many potential intersections between Web3 and film, such as fan engagement in movies shown in the metaverse and film characters coming from the Web3 space.

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Amazon’s new series “NFTMe” explores NFT culture and disruption worldwide

A new Amazon documentary series, NFTMe, explores NFT culture and how NFTs have disrupted industries. Artists, collectors, influencers and professionals are featured in the show, highlighting how NFTs affected their lives.

According to the producers, the show wants to become the “MTV of NFTs” and provide go-to information about the topic. It will present NFTs in an easy-to-understand way, introducing viewers to the opportunities in Web3.

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Family-friendly NFTs bring the next generation of youth into Web3

Adoption and onboarding are two of the biggest challenges in Web3. However, by making projects family-friendly, the NFT space can solve the adoption challenge.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Jeremy Fisher, the founder of NFT project Lucky Ducky, shared his belief that introducing NFTs and Web3 concepts to kids is a good way to encourage adoption. Additionally, while parents can handle buying and selling assets, NFTs can be a great way to teach kids about investing.

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Community baffled by Trump’s bizarre SimpDAO NFT collection

Former United States president Donald Trump recently announced his NFT project through the social media platform Truth Social. The 45th president revealed a collection of 45,000 NFT cards, portraying him in different outfits.

Various people reacted to the NFT drop, with some labeling the project as a SimpDAO, referring to fans labeled as “simps” who will take any opportunity to show their love and support for their idols.

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Comic-Con guru says storytelling is the key component for successful NFT projects

Speaking to Cointelegraph on the NFT Steez podcast, Gareb Shamus, the founder of Kumite NFT, shared his thoughts on how NFT projects can engage with their communities via storytelling. According to Shamus, engagement allowed him to reach billions of people around the world.

In this week’s newsletter, read how nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and soulbound tokens can help Web3 films. Amazon’s new documentary explores how family-friendly NFTs can help onboard kids to Web3. Find out how people reacted to Donald Trump’s NFT release. And, don’t forget this week’s Nifty News featuring Manchester United Football Club’s NFT launch and stolen Bored Apes. 

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The executive also explained that Web3 allows great participation where stories can be told and expressed through multiple points of view. In addition, Shamus described the Kumite NFT project as a place where users can be a hero in their journey. 

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Nifty News: Building bridges in the metaverse, elaborate Apes scam and more

Manchester United Football Club recently launched its NFT collection on the Tezos blockchain. The initial drop was free of charge, requiring only a Tezos wallet to claim the NFTs. Meanwhile, 14 Bored Apes were recently stolen through a phishing and social-engineering scam that took a month to execute.

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