MXC begins its first MX Token "Moasis Project", sets up 5 million USDT ecosystem fund

According to the official sources, MXC has begun its “Moasis Project” by setting up a 5 million USDT specialized fund, using Grant incentives to encourage different projects from Ethereum or Polkadot to create new ways of using the MX token, exploring different ecosystems and their potential to integrate with MX. 

From February 11 16:00, developers can submit their application through their notice ( , and the shortlisted project will be announced on March 17th 2021. The selected project will be able to acquire a 5 million USDT pool of ecosystem funding, alongside MXC’s full support on the project, including a chance at funding and listing.

According to the notice, “Moasis Project” aims to not limit whichever chain is being used,  realizing cross public chain DeFi asset transfers. This includes Ethereum, Heco, BSC, OKChain, Polkadot, Cosmos, NEO etc; whereas the asset class includes DeFi DEX, lending, insurance, yield farming, derivatives, compounding assest, fixed returns, stablecoins, NFT etc; Expanding the usage of MX includes coin to coin trading, stake mining, flexible yield farming, insurance, futures or leveraged trading, IDO, NFT etc.

MXC’s person in charge expresses that through the “Moasis Project”,  MXC wants to increase usage of MX in different circumstances, opening up the connection between MX and DeFi ecosystem, connecting CeFi and its assets on different chains.

MX otherwise known as MX Token, is the only security given out by MXC Exchange, with a total supply of 1 billion that can never be added. MX holders enjoy appreciation, voting, and supervision. Since July of 2019, all of MXC’s profits from coin to coin trading and ETF transaction fees have been used to burn MX token.    

At the moment, MX can already be used under a few circumstances. When trading coin to coin, MX can be used to reduce 20% of transaction fees; MX can be used to vote for projects under the assessment zone; MX can be used to qualify for SpaceM project’s online lots drawing; MX can be used to acquire M-Day online lots drawing to qualify for early purchase of listed projects; MX can be used to stake in MX DeFi for yield mining etc.  

MX shows importance in connecting with the community, the team and the business partners. MXC has been giving its all to empower MX through providing value for all and increased its value. Last year, MX has taken the collective majority’s opinions and burned a total of 240 million MX. Aside from that, the MXC team invested more into the promise of locking MX, no matter when the MX is unlocked, all the MX that is held by the MXC team will not be put into the market, partly will be used for the overall plan of repurchasing MX and burning it. 

Etherscan data shows that the total supply of MX is 608 million, with the team locking in 450 million units, and FET locks 306.9 million MX. The circulating supply is 127.3 million, with a $0.81 price, MX’s market cap is currently $103 million. 

CoinMarketCap data shows that MX opened on January 1st at a price of $0.1362, and until February 10th 19:00, it is trading at $0.81, with a 40 day gain of roughly 6x, with an overall increase of 200.02% starting from February.

Last year, MXC Exchange has listed large amounts of quality projects/assets, including AAVE, YFI, SNX, BADGER Defi Assets, DOT, KSM, POLS, RING Polkadot assets, ZEN, PHA Privacy based assets, even NFT and savings based assets. Many of these assets that list on MXC, have listed on platforms such as Coinbase, providing our users the privilege to time their entries.

Aside from that, MXC’s prioritizes its users by upgrading all of  their services, such as mainstream cryptocurrency trades, ETF trading, contracts and PoS services, optimizing spreads, and ultimately achieved high user satisfaction.

Lastly, MXC has acquired the Estonian MTR license, the American MSB license, the Australian AUSTRAC license, and have recently acquired the Canadian regulation license. MXC also increased their R&D, and to make sure that all the coding is written by the internal team, determined to continue MXC Exchange constantly remains a safe platform with great user experience.


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