MOONIMON UNIVERSE: The newest NFT to skyrocket the crypto space

Nowadays, gamers are now turning their every winning streak into investments, another reason why NFTs are so in demand in the market even for younger ones.

It tends to bring them the sense of appreciating the game through winning and earning without risking oneself to go out during these trying times.

NFT has innovated the way these individuals how to earn beyond whatever they can imagine.

Moonimon Universe is almost here and about to create a high standard of earning and playing.

The game has not started yet, but a community is about to be built on the next few days to welcome and talk about this next promising project that will topnotch the NFT community.

Moonimon is not just about playing and earning. This token also offers a buyback reward to avoid the rash pump and dump style of whales resulting to a dead token.

Each investor can also profit through its staking and farming features.

And this is what makes it special among other tokens, the buyback, the staking and the farming and in the long run, A marketplace will also be offered. There are so many ways to earn.

The  Moonimon Universe Gameplay

Each holder can participate on its upcoming play to earn version. Gamers will be able to have their own pet/creature that can be fed, trained and evolved.

Each pet is also set to breed and produce their own offspring and inherit the characteristics and skills of its parents depending on its percentage.

During in-game, pets will have attacks, the basic, 1st skill, 2nd skill and the Ultimate to tear down an opponent.

Also, there will be accessories provided to enhance their skills and attributes as they evolve.

The Moonimon Tokenism/ Ecosystem explained

MOONIMON is a deflationary token powered by passive yield.

Every winning on the battle arena, players earn Moonimon Token which they can be used in staking, farming and trading, once the marketplace opens.

Coin Symbol: $MOONIMON

Token Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Farming: 25%

Play To Earn: 20%

Presale: 40%

Burn: 10%

Development: 5%

For every transaction, it will be divided into 9%; 3% for the contract, 3% for Moonimon holders and 3% for the team marketing wallet.

Moonimon is secured by Defi Market. Use Pancakeswap in order for you to exchange your BNB to other Defi Token.

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