Metaverse Rising Star: Caduceus Metaverse Protocol

The rising star of 2022 – Caduceus Metaverse Protocol is the project you’ve been waiting for 

2022 is undoubtedly the year that the Metaverse broke through to the mainstream, with a growing interest in public blockchains, and competition between projects and applications big and small becoming increasingly fierce. 

Inevitably some public chains lost in popularity, while others gained widespread market adoption. Many of these became market trends in themselves, with the Metaverse industry, in particular, dictating broader industry trends, due in part to its technological innovation and unique construction methods.

It is no secret that this development requires a huge amount of computing power, which Caduceus is well placed to meet. So, let’s take a look at why the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol is becoming so popular?

Introduction to the project

Caduceus Metaverse Protocol provides services such as decentralized rendering, edge computing, 3D technology, and XR extended reality technology for Metaverse developers and creators. It is decentralized, open, and modular, with lower transaction costs, higher computing power, and higher security features.

With a specific focus on performance and capacity, Caduceus completes edge rendering by computing, rendering, and storing on cloud GPU, and transmitting it to the terminal display through streaming. With the characteristics of massive computing and flexible use, Caduceus provides an industry-leading solution to shortening the rendering cycle, and in addition, the cost is greatly reduced with improved efficiencies – making it suitable for various usage scenarios. 

Working hard to boost processing power within its network, Caduceus has been expanding global graphics processing unit (GPU) resources, with partnerships with some of the leading computing power providers. 

Currently, it has integrated nearly 3,000 computing nodes around the world, with ambitious plans to reach a short-term goal of at least 10,000 globally, covering a minimum of 100 countries, to help support the commercial use of products and anticipated traffic.

Project’s background

Caduceus was created and developed by international investors and blockchain experts with a strong background in crypto investing. 

The business has received financial backing and investment led by Susquehanna International Group and BlockFills – the world’s leading venture capital and cryptocurrency liquidity provider, with participation from Bin Zayed Group, Nukkleus, Europe’s leading digital asset platform – Digital RFQ, and Luna VC cast.

At the same time, the business is also backed by well-known public figures including legendary football star and former England Chelsea Football Club captain John Terry, and Snooker player Stephen Hendry, the former world champion.

Interest is continuing to build for the business, with leading venture capitalists, crypto investment companies, and movie, tv, and sport stars engaging in conversation around future investments.

Project Operation & Ecological Progress

This year, Caduceus completed many milestones with a groundbreaking technical update completing the Caduceus protocol and the launch of Caduceus social media platforms in response to our growing online community.

In the past month more than 20 leading projects have joined the Caduceus ecosystem with highlights including, “HAPE”, “ONTO”, “HAPI”, “Qredo”, “BitKeep”, “Nabox”, “MultichainOrg”, “YoleeUniverse”, “ElemonGame” and “PlaySky” to name a few.

And for 2022, Caduceus is expected to continue this growth, with the launch of 100+ applications, with incentives such as CMP airdrops encouraging users to complete on-chain experiences. 

This includes the launch of a community activity where members of Caduceus community, known as Cadets, have the chance to obtain Caduceus’ limited NFT badges and CMP airdrops. Further information can be found in this link with entries required before 19th June. 

Furthermore, Caduceus has invited content creators to join their community and create inspiring content for a chance to win $CMP tokens and limited-edition NFTs. Full information can be found on this link.


Caduceus is developing a set of developer toolkits and hardware solutions, which create a rich support environment with lower cost and higher computing power for Metaverse developers.

As a result, Caduceus is getting lots of interest from early tech investors and at present the Caduceus $CMP token has already been featured on Bitkeep’s IDO and is oversubscribed by a staggering 1286%.

If you are interested in Metaverse development, pay attention, this could be just the opportunity you are looking for!

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