MemeKong Sets The Bar For Meme Coins

MemeKong is a cryptocurrency that mixes the atmosphere of meme coins with genuine-world usefulness. The creators of the cryptocurrency want to give longevity and become the most popular meme coin by market capitalization. The pair is excited to debut a new cryptocurrency that aims to dominate the meme coin industry. The currency was created by a group of enthusiastic and seasoned individuals wanting to improve upon the current state of meme currencies.

 In both the digital and “real world,” Meme Kong lays a heavy emphasis on community. Meme Kong is a hybrid experience that combines community and practical benefits for its members. It operates with honesty, transparency, and respect. Members of the community profit from utilities that acknowledge each individual’s popularity and standing on the blockchain, as well as an investment in the coin’s longevity. 

Meme Kong recognizes the significance of social media, community engagement, and influencer-generated buzz for meme coins, but it also knows that these things can be made better. 

Unlike other meme coins, Meme Kong and Founder Chris Thomann intend for the coin to have long-term viability. Within the realm of music, metaverse P2E game, and its own super Car Rally, Meme Kong has already established a solid reputation.

Chris, the founder of Meme Kong, has diverse expertise in business, finance, and cryptocurrency. He became a successful stockbroker at the age of 20 and has established many enterprises over the subsequent 20+ years, gaining success and building a huge network of contacts in both traditional industry and the cryptocurrency space. Multiple talented, experienced, and skilled individuals make up the doxxed Meme Kong team, all of them are passionate and dedicated to making Meme Kong a community and the king of all meme coins. The team maintains Meme Kong up and running across the world and in numerous time zones.

The third meme-themed coin to be launched on the Ethereum network is Meme Kong, making it accessible to the most well-known, established, and secure blockchain. One of the objectives of the team was to link Meme Kong with many additional safe and secure blockchains in the future, thus achieving their goal of ensuring that every Ape gets.

Meme Kong has set itself apart from other meme coins by focusing on image macros, videos, and Instagram memes. Some of the distinct features of Meme Kong that differentiate it from other meme coins include:

● With rewards and the opportunity to win by playing a game, this is a social engagement application that promotes user interaction.

● A fully-doxxed Founder and Project Manager right from the start

● Implementing real utility and collaborating with large projects

● 24/7 voice chat through Telegram for greater levels of communication, community engagement, and accountability

Press inquiries can be directed to Anri Davids via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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