Medical Records on Polkadot's Blockchain; Asclepius Network Rebrands to ''Pulse Network'' ahead of it's Debut

Medical care is among the most innovative industries with constant research aimed at finding breakthrough cures and therapies for diseases that continue to ravage the human race. The research and developments are well documented with new advances continually being introduced in the health sector. Unfortunately, such documentation is fragmented with information often siloed across various data centres belonging to the research institutions.

This has created restrictions to information flow thus creating a gap that keeps such useful and new found medical knowledge away from the practitioners in hospitals. This is the gap that Pulse Network seeks to bridge ensuring that medical data is readily available and can be shared easily across the medical field.

What is Pulse Network?

Pulse Network is creating a reliable medical data repository and sharing platform to ensure seamless information flow in medical care, linking knowledge to expertise. They are building the infrastructure for state-of-the-art, AI enabled diagnostic and treatment capabilities for people everywhere, unconstrained by the limitations of the medical facilities of their locality.

The project is committed to improving the provision of medical care by unshackling information flow across the industry. In line with this commitment, Pulse Network will facilitate the collection of a wide range of data like electronic medical records, biometric data and sensor data among others to establish the first truly global medical data repository. The platform will also facilitate easy dissemination of the data to ensure doctors administer the best treatment options.

The Pulse Network solution may seem like a simple undertaking but it is a herculean task that players in the medical field have not been able to achieve to date. But, if there is one organisation you can bet on to pursue and complete such a daunting mission it is the business behind the Pulse Network, JPMedsn.

JPMedsn was launched in 2012 and since then the business has quickly built a reputation for being highly innovative. This is evidenced by a number of patents held by the company, some of which are listed on Pulse Network Website. They are now yet again summoning their creativity to develop the appropriate infrastructure for bringing reliable data to medical care through these two main products:


JPMedsn has collated a well-researched database of diagnostics, treatment guidelines, recommended prescriptions, and latest drug information which it makes available to medical practitioners on their Pulse-EMR platform. Also, their patented data input technology significantly reduces the time taken by doctors to create patient record entries.


It collates individual health data, lifestyle data and clinical records and gives complete control over this data to the patient itself. For instance, if a person visits a new medical practitioner, then their medical history can be seamlessly transferred to their new doctor with their permission using PulsePersonal.

How the Pulse Network solution works

Pulse will use a patented data collection software to gather medical care data from clinics, hospitals, practitioners, and even mail health checks to create a robust information bank. The proprietary software will be installed in numerous health provision facilities to enable easy capture of data and while anonymizing the users and patients identity. This will allow secure storage and sharing of the data throughout the medical field in the world.

Additionally, the application will collect data from top medical research and development institutes, specialised treatment centres and laboratories around the globe to ensure new inventions are made accessible on the platform. The software will convert all the received data into common readable format and translate it into multiple languages to widen the reach and its impacts. Users will also be encouraged to share their medical history and records as Pulse aims to accumulate a treasure trove of useful medical information.

The easy dissemination of the aggregated data will be quite useful to medical experts as they get access to new knowledge, diagnoses, prescriptions, therapies and treatments. By using Pulse, practitioners can quickly bridge the gap especially for unique conditions and areas where they have insufficient expertise.

Most importantly, Pulse Network will improve the flow of information that will greatly benefit developing countries and other marginalised regions. They are usually most ravaged by diseases yet often the last to get advanced medical care and knowledge on how to handle such pandemics. Pulse will break down the existing barriers by accelerating the dissemination of knowledge and inventions to improve healthcare for all.

Pulse to use blockchain and AI technologies

The Pulse platform will integrate both blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies to build the underlying infrastructure for their application.

Pulse will use AI to analyse the huge volumes of medical care data gathered the world over. This will help provide medical practitioners with the most accurate data to guide their diagnosis, prescriptions and other decision making. For instance, AI can sift through tons of records, analysing multiple data points to inform a doctor about the most commonly prescribed medication for a particular disease with the best outcomes.

They use blockchain technology to benefit from its security, decentralised network, and immutability. This will ensure all the collected data can be shared securely without compromising the users’ confidentiality. Decentralisation ensures that the network will not have a single point of failure and that the data is available 24/7. The blockchain’s immutability ensures that the data cannot be altered or deleted once it is entered in the Pulse repository.

The Pulse team has decided to build the application on Polkadot as they found it to be the most suitable blockchain for their platform. The blockchain confers multiple benefits including scalability, interoperability, smart contract functionality and efficiency among others outlined in their white paper.

In summary, Pulse Network is a revolutionary project that is going to improve the lives of many people around the world by enabling the seamless flow of knowledge and advanced care. Their innovativeness and readiness to use new technologies like AI and blockchain technology will play in their favour as they embark on this insurmountable task.

Looking forward, Pulse is going to change how data is obtained and disseminated for the benefit of the masses. A befitting achievement for a business that has always been on the front foot of advancing human health.

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