Kohle Capital Strengthening Retail Offering

The retail brokerage landscape has changed dramatically over the past year, culminating in the expansion of operations. This includes Kohle Capital Markets, which has diversified its institutional offering with a robust slate of retail services for a growing client base.

Since 2019 Kohle has been providing retail trading services to clients, having formerly specialized in just the institutional space.

This expansion has seen Kohle make an immediate splash amongst retail clients for its diversified approach.

This includes a tailored approach to different kinds of retail traders, i.e., general, advanced, and professional traders.

Everything You Need from an ECN Broker

As an established liquidity provider, Kohle also boasts an ECN network with an impressive 5 levels of market depth and order execution with an average of 0.25 seconds.

Retail clients can also take advantage of spreads as low as 0.1 pips and utilize 1:400 trading leverage.

Kohle also currently offers retail traders a wide range of assets to choose from, such as major and minor forex pairs, precious metals, contracts-for-difference (CFDs), and indices.

Trading is available on the Kohle Capital Markets MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, which presently ranks as the world’s most popular and widely used trading module.

Both beginner and veteran traders will feel right at home with the KCM MT4 platform. MT4 is both easy to operate and has many powerful advanced features at its disposal.

As a fully customizable platform, MT4 is designed to give users a definitive trading edge.

The versatility of this offering has been the impetus in helping expand its retail client base globally since its inception. Indeed, the past year has already seen a healthy uptick in trading activity and turnover at Kohle, helped in part by record market volatility.

Looking ahead, Kohle is primed to take advantage of a growing retail market, in tandem with investor appetite for forex and trading services.

2021 looms as a make-or-break year for many operations. However, Kohle’s seasoned background and expertise in the institutional space has helped drive its retail business to new heights, which shows no signs of slowing down in the New Year.

About Kohle Capital Markets

Over the past year, Kohle has aggressively grown its institutional turnover by over 22.8%, paving the way for a retail expansion. The company helps connect clients to opportunities in forex trading by providing a reliable and straightforward trading services. With more than 450,000 accounts and growing, Kohle has a truly global footprint.

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