Kart Racing League Announces Public Sale Of Highly Anticipated Governance Token

Blue Monster Games, the gaming company behind Kart Racing League, announced today it would be launching the public sale for its nativegovernance token, $KRL.

As per the announcement, the public sale starts on Friday, November 12, at 2:00 PM UTC. The public sale will run for three days until November 15. Notably, participants wishing to participate in the event will purchase the $KRL tokens at CopperLaunch’s auction page.

While commenting on the public sale, Joseph Rubin, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Blue Monster Games stated:

“We are thrilled to announce our public sale will start on Friday, November 12. Bringing a project of this size to market is breaking a lot of ground in the NFT-gaming space, and it’s going to turn a lot of heads. Giving our community the chance to directly buy into the project and shape their own universe is the future of gaming. The growth of play-to-earn and NFT-driven games like Kart Racing League is something that won’t be ignored for long. Mega-game studios are still trying to get their heads around this space, whereas $KRL governance token holders have a ticket to be first in line. I’m not only excited for us as a company, but I’m also excited to see our community directly benefit as a result.”

The KRL tokens are ERC-20 governance tokens created for the KRL community. The tokens give the holder the opportunity to shape the game’s future, taking part in various governance processes, including decisions on updates to the ecosystem and usage of community treasury. Note the gaming platform plans to launch its Community Treasury early next year.  The treasury will store funds generated by KRL and a portion of staking rewards. In addition, the tokens will be accepted as currency within the KRL NFT marketplace and also as a reward tool.

Blue Monster Games has been creating games that align with the play to earn NFT game industry. Following the public sale, Kart Racing League will launch on November 19. The game will be the first 3D NFT based game that combines play-to-earn and evolutionary Axie Infinity features. Notably, Kart Racing league seeks to bring a different gaming experience for its players, including addictive gameplay of titles creating words like Rocket League and so forth. 

Last month, Blue Monster Games held a seeding round that raised $4 million to help finance their growing ecosystem. The primary participant during the event was Astra Guild Venture (AGV), one of the most significant play to earn gaming guilds in the industry. 

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