Joshua Henslee talks entrepreneurship on Bitcoin SV with Crypto Vigilante

Recently, Joshua Henslee was a guest on the Crypto Vigilante show hosted by Rafael Laverde. The Crypto Vigilante is a subsidiary of The Dollar Vigilante; a financial website/newsletter that has been around since 2009 and often challenges, or rather, provides unadulterated insight into government economics, where they are heading, and moves that can be made to protect against those scenarios if they play out.

The philosophy of the team at The Dollar Vigilante as well as The Crypto Vigilante allows them to approach any situation with an open mind. That being said, they are not swayed by ad hominem, group-think, and the narratives pushed by tribal blockchain communities.

Instead, they find the facts in each scenario, see them for what they are, and then decide their next move. This is why the team at The Crypto Vigilante had Bitcoin entrepreneur/mastermind, Joshua Henslee, on the show to learn what Bitcoin SV (BSV) is capable of as well as how entrepreneurs are using BSV. 

“Josh Henslee has come across to me as an honest seeker of truth. Someone who is not afraid to experiment with new technology. He is like a pioneer in his own way. I have always found myself attracted to his work because of how experimental it is,” said Laverde.

In the episode, “How Entrepreneurship is Unique on BSV!” Henslee and Laverde discuss a number of topics related to blockchain and digital currency. The two explore what Bitcoin’s blockchain can be used for, the possibilities that BSV has opened for entrepreneurs, what’s possible as a developer on BSV that is not possible anywhere else, why proof-of-stake is not the optimal consensus algorithm, DeFi, NFTs, smart contracts on Bitcoin and much more. 

The episode opens up with this statement from Laverde,

“As capitalists, we have to constantly seek profit, and we find profit where people tell us not to look. So for most of crypto, Bitcoin SV, BSV, has been looked upon as a forbidden coin, ‘How dare you look at that.’ But I have taken the approach of, ‘how dare you tell me what to look at,’ I am going to look at it!

I personally see Bitcoin SV as doing what I’ve always known Bitcoin being able to do, that is, being able to scale on-chain, for miners to have an autonomous meritocracy, for entrepreneurs to use the blockchain as they please, and us being able to build on the Bitcoin protocol everything that you find on other platforms, in a better more elegant way.”

As Laverde mentions, many people view BSV as “a forbidden coin,” however, these same people have never looked at BSV in regard to what it can do technically. Rather, the group that detests BSV often resort to arguments attacking people within the BSV community and say that those people are the primary reason that they do not get involved with Bitcoin SV. However, that group is taking a biased approach to BSV and not looking at the facts. 

“I’d like the crypto space to know that in order to make educated decisions you must strive for objectivity,” Laverde told CoinGeek. “There are many bad marketing campaigns out there that are trying to deceive you. If you have a hard time learning from others with opposing opinions, know that at TCV we have by the grace of God managed to create an environment of positive healthy dialogue. Believe it! It is possible to learn from others who disagree with you! It is also most profitable!”

Where to watch the episode

To find out where the conversation between Henslee and Laverde ends up going, the insight into Bitcoin SV that Joshua Henslee provides, as well as the questions Laverde has about BSV and the answers that Henslee provides, you can find out by watching the full episode below:

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