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According to a press release published April 12, 2019, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has partnered with blockchain firm Perlin to propel the adoption of the nascent technology among the 45 million member businesses it represents in more than 130 countries.

A Gargantuan Push for Blockchain Adoption

In one of the largest attempts to foster the adoption of blockchain technology to date, the ICC has entered into a strategic business alliance with distributed ledger technology (DLT) company Perlin to expose its vast member pool to the technology that undergirds cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, and others.

With this partnership, Perlin will be able to connect with a number of international government bodies and MNCs. ICC’s pool of members includes most national chambers of commerce and giant conglomerates like Coca Cola, FedEx, Amazon, McDonald’s, and PayPal.

According to the press release, Perlin will join the ICC as their official technology partner and will help the organization by providing free access to its blockchain platform. The two entities will collectively work towards the development and deployment of practical, efficient, and scalable blockchain solutions that will enhance the traceability and transparency of goods and services along the supply chain.

Leading the Charge

John Denton AO, Secretary General of the ICC, said that the organization has always been committed to empowering its members to achieve the highest levels of corporate excellence and uninterrupted innovation.

He added:

“In collaboration with Perlin, which leads the field in blockchain and distributed ledger development, we can help facilitate practical and truly disruptive transformation for businesses across every conceivable industry sector.”

Sharing similar thoughts was Dorjee Sun, CEO, Perlin. He said:

“The Perlin team has always recognized that meaningful blockchain and distributed ledger tech adoption can only be achieved by building tools that are practical, scalable, cost-effective and add substantial value for businesses of all sizes. As the real-world pilots we’re already deploying show, the technology we’ve built meets each of these essential criteria head on.”

Blockchain technology’s immutability is one of the many features that make it an attractive fit for the supply chain management industry. The incredibly malleable tech has already recorded a number of success stories in the highly complex and fragmented industry.

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