Hitch Teams With Crypto Artist To Offset 1 Million Kg Of Carbon

NFTs and NFT art is here to stay. And while creating digital art requires massive amounts of computing power, savvy eco-brands like Hitch are leveraging the NFT art trend and using it to propel climate action.

While the recent conversation around NFTs centers on their carbon footprint, sustainable brands are collaborating with crypto artists to fund large investments in climate projects that offset thousands of times more carbon than is used by an NFT.

Hitch— a climate neutral certified, full-sized water bottle with a removable, insulated coffee cup hidden inside— is launching an Earth Day campaign collaborating with South African artist Daniella Attfield to create impact at scale. Sales from the one-of-a-kind piece will be donated to offset a total 1000 metric tons of carbon—enough carbon to offset the average person’s footprint for life.

The piece, launching on SuperRare on April 22nd, offsets 1,000 metric tons, or 1,000,000 kgs, of CO2, through investment in two carbon sequestration projects, the Bull Run Forest Carbon Project in Belize, which protects nearly 5,000 hectares of endangered forest, and the funding large scale tree planting efforts in Madagascar via Eden Reforestation Projects.

“The net positive climate investment here is so large that it’s also equivalent to the carbon footprint of the average citizen in an industrialized country for their entire life.” commented Remaker Labs co-founder Sky Gilbar. “We’re excited to see where this is headed. This is part of a larger trend of crypto artists using their art to fund larger investments in climate action well beyond the offset of the NFT itself.”

The 22-year-old artist Daniella Attfield discovered cryptoart in 2018 and became a full time crypto artist in 2020. She describes her style as neon line art, and she draws inspiration for her work from the rich and diverse South African landscapes. The artwork, which is environmentally themed, is being unveiled today.

This is just one of Hitch’s efforts to make an impact this Earth Day. The brand just launched their Climate Together initiative, in which they gathered 21 other sustainable brands to take climate action together. Collectively, they’ve planted 15,000 trees in Madagascar with Eden Projects and removed 150,000 plastic bottles from the ocean with Plastic Bank.

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