Genius Estates Announces Token Sale For Their Newly-Constructed Real Estate Investment Platform

Genius Estates, a blockchain-based platform for the Irish countryside real estate is happy to announce it is holding a token sale. The token sale is aimed at helping investors invest in its platform that leverages blockchain technology to allow investors to buy fractional property in real estate.

As per the announcement, Genius Estate is holding a token sale for Genius Dunrovin (GEDUN) to allow investors to participate in the booming real estate market of this century. The token will be hosted on the Polymath Network. The collected funds will reportedly add to the $187,000 already raised a few days after launch through the ongoing GENiUX ICO.

Genius Estates which is barely a month old seeks to help small investors gain access to the real estate market. The platform will reportedly allow these investors to create tokens that represent ownership of selected properties or baskets of properties. Notably, investors will earn passive income from their tokens as the value of the property rises.  

The Genius Estates website explains:

“We are reinventing real estate investment through crypto tokenization. By subdividing real estate ownership through tokenization, general investors who do not have the capital to buy real estate on their own or simply do not want to deal with the associated hassles will finally have the opportunity to come into contact with the fast-growing real estate market.” The site adds, “We truly believe in the power of a community and we are looking forward to building the biggest digital investors community in real estate properties in the world!”

Genius Estates’ investors will also receive dividends generated from rent collected from properties portions distributed to them.  Investors can earn either trimestral or yearly income from the properties.

Once the project is sold out, the token holder will have an opportunity to sell back their tokens to the company if need be. In the coming month, holders will have the option of selling their tokens to others through peer-to-peer transactions. 

In addition to the dividends, Genius Estates is also offering its users an opportunity to earn additional income through their referral program. 

GEDUN, is an ERC-20 token. The platform has assigned a total of 10,530,000 tokens for sale. In the coming days, Genies Estates plans to finalize the construction of the project, onboard tenants, and eventually start paying investors dividends.

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