Flare integrates blockchain API on Google Cloud Marketplace

Layer-1 Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchain platform Flare has integrated its API portal on Google Cloud Marketplace, on-boarding a number of significant blockchain APIs to the ecosystem.

The integration of Google Cloud Marketplace will provide high-integrity blockchain data from Flares nodes and Connected Chain Nodes to a large pool of developers and users of the software products and services platform. This includes blockchain APIs for Algorand, BNB Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Flare, Litecoin, Songbird, XRP and future supported blockchain APIs.

Blockchain APIs are touted to free developers from having to run their own nodes for respective blockchains they are interacting with. The data supplied powers applications that execute transactions and query the latest state of a blockchain by calling up on-chain data.

Flare highlights blockchain APIs as valuable for building cross-chain applications that query a variety of data sources, including major cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets which make use of its API portal.

A statement from Flare’s VP of Engineering Josh Edwards noted that the provision of blockchain APIs to platforms like Google Cloud Marketplace will play a role in increased Web3 participation:

“It makes it easier for developers to experiment with blockchain technology and its many use cases without being burdened by onerous hardware costs and ongoing maintenance.”

Edwards also suggested that larger organizations and partners making use of Google Cloud Marketplace would potentially experiment with the secure and approved Web3 APIs.

The EVM-based layer 1 aims to extend the utility of blockchain technology by providing data from a variety of chains and Web2 sources, which could climb to over 100 chains that form Flare’s oracle.

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Flare’s integration comes just days after Polygon Labs and Google Cloud announced a multi-year partnership for the cloud computing service provider to boost the development of the Ethereum scaling protocol’s tools and infrastructure.

The deal sees Google Cloud’s framework and developer tools provided to Polygon’s core protocols, aimed at fostering the development of Web3 products and decentralized applications (DApps) on Polygon.

Google Cloud’s infrastructure could play an important role in the advancement of Polygon’s zero-knowledge proofs development, given

Google Cloud’s partnership with the ecosystem is expected to advance Polygon’s zero-knowledge development. Testing of Polygon zkEVM’s zero-knowledge proofs on Google Cloud reportedly resulted in faster and cheaper transactions compared to the existing infrastructure available.

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