Finexify Investment Fund Unlocks Extraordinary Alpha Through DeFi

Still in its early stages, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) holds the potential to replace traditional financial and banking services in the upcoming years. And at the moment, leveraging the DeFi products can be immensely profitable when rightly done.

Finexify, through its Ethereum Green Legend Fund, provides an investment vehicle dedicated to generating high returns with a market-neutral strategy while minimizing the inherent risks of the space.

With the launch of its fund, Finexify aims to make the DeFi segment available to investors seeking to benefit from the new era of global finance in the safest way possible.

The Genesis

Finexify started as an idea in the minds of the founding team, who have a combined wealth of experience in investing, finance, blockchain startups, and all things crypto.

The DeFi space has untapped potential, expanding to a market capitalization of over a hundred billion dollars within a year.

Amid this growth, Finexify aims to position itself as the go-to investment fund in DeFi with a unique system that unlocks extraordinary alpha regardless of price fluctuations and market conditions. 

In an official statement, the company stated about DeFi, saying: “We currently live in unprecedented times. The underlying blockchain technology on every established DeFi protocol is making history before our own eyes. We at Finexify, as market participants, provide easy and secure access and are an integral part of this financial revolution to be discussed in generations to come.”

By applying market-neutral yield generating strategies that leverage liquidity mining and yield farming on thoroughly vetted DeFi protocols, Finexify generates extraordinary alpha regardless of the volatile cryptocurrency market. Already, the fund has witnessed fantastic returns, outperforming other alternative investment funds.

Finexify’s Strategy

The goal is to generate maximal yields with minimal risks, whether in a bull or bear market. Finexify achieves this objective by carefully evaluating, auditing, and selecting emerging DeFi protocols, and by deploying a proprietary rebalancing optimization technique to reduce impermanent loss risk.

Liquidity mining, yield farming, and earning new tokens contribute to extraordinary returns even in negative market conditions. 

Finexify’s strategy mitigates risk and drives returns unmatched by traditional investment funds regardless of price fluctuations, leveraging on the continual growth of DeFi. 

Finexify targets a wide range of customers like long-term Ethereum investors and holders, stablecoin (e.g., Tether USDT, USD Coin, etc.) holders, and high net worth individuals.

Also, venture capitalists, portfolio managers, and investment funds (hedge funds, alternative investment funds) are ideal customers for Finexify from the corporate sector.

The Ethereum Green Legend Fund

The fund is the primary investment vehicle offered by Finexify. Launched in February 2021, the Ethereum Legend Fund has seen considerable success since inception, generating a 65.2% return on stablecoins deposited and a 49.55% return on Ethereum, whose price also rose more than 6 times since the beginning of 2021.

As of October 31st, the total value of Assets Under Management in the Ethereum Green Legend Fund stood at $3.1 million. 

“We have been exploring protocols on the Ethereum blockchain as well as on multiple emerging Ethereum-compatibles so that our stablecoin and Ethereum investors’ assets have been increasing with 5.5% to 7.5% p.m. on average for the last 8.5 months. As the market matures and becomes more efficient, we aim to generate around 3% p.m. We are also firm believers in Ethereum and expect our Ethereum investors to continue benefiting from the price appreciation of the cryptocurrency, which is currently the operating system of the whole DeFi ecosystem.”

Finexify is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for its Ethereum Green Legend Fund. The team of experts also ensures round-the-clock monitoring of the market and the pre-selected protocols; moreover, it stays informed about code updates, technical issues and upgrades, and security problems.

Apart from exceptional returns, the fund also delivers a great opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios with a completely new asset class.

Finexify follows industry-standard security practices; as a result, investor funds are always kept in cold storage, with stringent access policies. 

Finexify has projected a 20× growth rate for its fund in Q4 2021, and the prerequisites for reaching that objective are in place.

The Fund is currently managed by Global xChange Ltd and the team is setting up the new investment vehicle on the Cayman Islands due to the trust and transparency the local regulation brings. 

The Minds Behind Finexify

Finexify is the brainchild of a team well versed in IT, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and financial knowledge. The team is among a few worldwide that have the prerequisite skills to maximize the return for investors while deploying proprietary risk management techniques.

Valentin Mihov, one of Finexify’s co-founders, is a software engineer who ventured into finance and cryptocurrencies. He has a master’s degree in software engineering and entrepreneurship and served as the CTO of a crypto startup in 2017. He has in-depth expertise in smart contracts, DeFi and Ethereum.

Gary Guerassimov is an entrepreneur with a financial background and excellent leadership skills. He has co-founded a local brokerage for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, a digital wallet and exchange platform, and a cryptocurrency merchant payment gateway.

Finexify is poised to be the go-to gateway for investors of all kinds to foray into the DeFi world with its unique alpha-generating strategy and industry-standard practices.

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