Everything You Need To Know About Swapin Accounting Crypto Processing Solutions

The name Swapin has become synonymous with speedy and straightforward crypto-to-fiat payment solutions designed for businesses and individuals. After a rebranding from the name Pixxpay, Swapin is ready for its next level of growth and has released its updated roadmap with plenty of exciting additions on the way.

For those that don’t already know what Swapin has to offer, we have put together this guide – useful for both businesses and consumers – to understand how to get the most out of Swapin’s innovative crypto-to-fiat solutions. We will also provide an update on the latest company news and talk about what is coming next for the ambitious team behind the brand.

Existing Swapin Solutions 

Swapin was founded on the fact that there was no bridge connecting the world of traditional finance to the world of crypto. Even when founder and CEO Ewald Hans-Kree first started his business journey, there weren’t banks willing to back his venture. Today, Swapin is closing successful funding rounds that raised €1.69M from investors and attracted industry top talent to its board of advisors.

Things have started to change, and Swapin aims to speed up this process with its unique and innovative B2C and B2B solutions.

B2C Products

For individuals, there are two valuable tools available at this time through Swapin: Instafill and Instapay. 

Thanks to Instafill, cashing out earnings from trading, DeFi, and more has never been easier. InstaFill is a proprietary tool that connects a dedicated crypto wallet to a client’s bank account. Digital assets received by the wallet are instantly converted from crypto-to-fiat and transferred to the connected customer bank account. 

InstaPay supports one-off payment needs with lightning speed. Simply link a Swapin crypto address and a specified bank account, then sending digital assets to the account will instantly exchange them for fiat that directly hits the related bank account within seconds.

Swapin B2C solutions support nine of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and more. All transactions are listed within the Swapin account dashboard for easy accounting. Users can filter by a date range or other search parameters. Users can also see what payments are scheduled in the future and can make modifications at any time.

B2B Solutions

For businesses, Swapin accounting becomes even more essential. Because Swapin handles all the accounting, businesses can safely and conveniently accept cryptocurrencies without any concern. Swapin also alleviates the stress associated with crypto compliance and related price volatility. Because crypto is swapped instantly into fiat and then delivered into the merchant’s bank account, there is no fear of receiving less money than expected.

Business solutions come in two forms currently: E-Com and CoinCollector. CoinCollector is an invoicing tool that lets businesses accept crypto payments directly from their customers yet receive EUR instead to their connected bank account. 

E-Com does the same, but instead of an invoicing tool, it is a convenient and clever checkout widget that any website or online storefront can implement in a few clicks. Clients can use the tool to check out and pay with crypto that is, again, immediately converted into cash and then transferred into a merchant’s bank account.

More Innovation On The Way

Swapin promises more innovation on the way. In addition to Instafill and Instapay on the consumer side of the business, the company will release a crypto purchasing tool called Instabuy in the near future. Upcoming B2B plans include a virtual IBAN implementation. 

As a regulated company in finance, Swapin is seeking its Electronic Money Institution license to further bolster its ability to release new products and services that connect with the traditional banking world. 

Significant brands like E-Jewels are already partnering with Swapin to tap into revenue streams from crypto users eager to spend their profits on luxury goods and more. With Swapin solutions, any business or individual can take advantage of all that crypto has to offer without being completely disconnected from the world of traditional finance. Check out the Swapin website to learn more.

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