DMG Blockchain Solutions Partners with D-Link for “Best Practices” in Crypto Mining Activities

Canada is a country that is attracting cryptocurrency miners from all over the world. Enterprises from different countries are opening crypto mining farms in the North American country. The industry has clearly challenges to face and practices to improve. That’s why, DMG Blockchain Solutions has signed a partnership with D-Link Canada so as to improve crypto mining activities.

D-Link and DMG Blockchain Solutions Partnership

In a press release, DMG Blockchain Solutions and D-Link Canada explained that they were partnering to introduce better practices for the cryptocurrency mining industry. The partnership has been signed on March the 5th, 2018. A group of experts will be working side by side in order to optimize crypto mining networking. The improvements aim to stabilize the hash rate and have a more secure network.

Lou Reda, President of D-Link Canada commented:

“Crypto mining and broader blockchain driven applications are a growing trend in Canada and around the world. We’ve been fortunate to develop a relationship with DMG, which has given us the opportunity to really get inside this industry and understand the requirements of a large scale blockchain operation.”

Crypto Mining Industry

The cryptocurrency mining industry has proven itself as a lucrative activity in which new enterprises and players are trying to participate. For example, Samsung has decided to invest in this technology and compete in a very concentrate market.

“The D-Link solution exceeded all of our requirements throughout our testing,” said Sheldon Bennett, COO and Director of DMG. “On top of having the right hardware for the job, D-Link went well above the competition in offering the support, technical expertise and willingness to work with us to achieve the goals we were looking for, and that is to build the most efficient large-scale mining operation in North America.”

At the moment, one of the most important questions to tackle are energy cots. Cryptocurrency mining activities consume an important amount of energy (1% of the world energy consumption is related to crypto mining activities). In the future, this number is expected to grow if mining companies do not invest in efficiency and renewable energy.

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