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  • Cryptocurrency influencer Ben Armstrong arrested outside the home of a consultant linked to Hit Network.

  • Armstrong accused the consultant of life-threatening intentions and has ongoing litigation against Hit Network for allegedly plotting to snatch away his company.

  • Armstrong has a history of conflicts with Hit Network and the crypto community is divided on his arrest.

In an unexpected twist that has left the crypto community buzzing, renowned cryptocurrency influencer Ben Armstrong, better known as “BitBoy,” has been taken into custody. This startling arrest took place shortly after Armstrong’s live broadcast outside the residence of Carlos Diaz, a consultant and non-fungible token investor allegedly linked to the Hit Network.

Here are all the details of this incident.

Allegations and Accusations

Armstrong’s intent to launch a live stream became apparent through his earlier social media post, where he hinted at a “very special location” as the backdrop for his broadcast. True to his word, he initiated the live stream from the front of Diaz’s house.

The dramatic broadcast saw Armstrong accuse Diaz of life-threatening intentions. He went further, insinuating that Diaz had connections with the Houston mafia. The climax of the nearly 38-minute stream witnessed the arrival of local police, questioning Armstrong about any weapons he might possess.

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Roots of the Conflict: Armstrong vs. Hit Network

The main focus of this saga seems rooted in Armstrong’s ongoing rift with Hit Network. Notably, this network manages the BitBoy Crypto brand/business. As per sources, Armstrong has ongoing litigation against Hit Network, accusing them of plotting to snatch away his company—a company he has since been ousted from. This isn’t the first time Armstrong has claimed that network executives threatened both his and his wife’s lives.

Throughout the live stream, a resolute Armstrong maintained that his actions stemmed from genuine fears for his safety. Despite being questioned by the police, he refused to end the broadcast. While he did confirm that he had no weapons on his person, he did disclose the presence of one in his vehicle.

A Pattern of Conflicts

This dramatic episode is not the first conflict between Armstrong and the Hit Network. Just last month, the BitBoy Crypto brand severed ties with its founder, citing alleged substance abuse and concerns about potential financial strain on the workforce as the reasons for the split.

Crypto Community Divided

Interestingly, the crypto community doesn’t appear to be rallying behind Armstrong. In fact, a significant portion seems to be rooting for his downfall. This may be because of past incidents where the influencer was found to be involved in shady crypto ventures.

As the dust settles on this incident, it remains to be seen what happens next.

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