CoinGeek Backstage: Ed Andrewes, Phillip Runyan and Matt Dickson

Episode eight of CoinGeek Backstage has just been released on Streamanity!

This episode takes a deep dive into the world of gaming and iGaming: Kurt Wuckert Jr. interviews Ed Andrewes, CEO of Resorts Digital Gaming, and Matt Dickson, CEO and co-founder of BitBoss; while I talk to Phillip Runyan, founder and CEO and Hold Gaming.

In the first part of the episode, Kurt and Ed talk about Resorts Digital Gaming, the approach their casino is taking when it comes to integrating blockchain technology, why they are taking that approach, and the benefits and risks that come with incorporating digital currency and blockchain. 

Then, Phillip and I discuss what Hold Gaming does, how they use Bitcoin in their stack, how the i-gaming sector as a whole is interested in using blockchain technology and Bitcoin, the legal challenges that the industry faces, as well as what the Hold Gaming team is currently working on and what we can expect to see from them in the future.

In the final part of the episode, Kurt and Matt two explore BitBoss’s roadmap, whether BitBoss is leaning towards using stablecoins or the stablecoin’s underlying digital currency, as well as the day-to-day approach BitBoss takes in terms of building their business and why they take that approach.

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In the CoinGeek Backstage series, Kurt and I interview many individuals in the Bitcoin ecosystem and go behind the scenes to learn more about what they are working on, why they are working towards solving that problem, and how Bitcoin plays a role in their solution(s). 

A new episode of CoinGeek Backstage will be released on Streamanity every Tuesday.

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