Clinicoin: Harnessing Blockchain for a Healthier, Happier World

Clinicoin envisions a future where blockchain technology seamlessly connects healthcare professionals and community members to foster an ecosystem focused on health and wellness.

The World Health Organization says that approximately 70% of all global death cases result from chronic diseases of a non-communicable nature. Unfortunate statistics in a century marked by revolutionary technological shifts and unprecedented access to information. Still, many people make poor choices where their health and wellness are concerned, the outcome usually being premature death due to preventable factors.

Clinicoin is a project that aims to solve these problems through programs combining wellness, healthcare, research, mobile software, and blockchain. Clinicoin, launched out of a 10 year old company (Mosio), veterans in the healthcare and clinical research industries, is building a vast global cryptocurrency-based health and wellness community plus a platform where developers, researchers, and users can meet.

Value for all participants in the ecosystem

Users of the Clinicoin platform will get access to digital tools, information about the latest health and nutrition trends, and specialists to help them stay healthy and energetic. They will also earn CLIN tokens for logging their health data and tracking their physical activity.

Developers will increase health apps monetization by connecting their products to the platform. As proof-of-engagement validators, they will receive CLIN tokens each time users participate in health activities via their apps.

Providers (healthcare orgs, researchers, wellness companies) will be able to establish effective communication with users through secure encrypted messaging and get reliable data about their performance.

“We believe collaboration, not competition, will be the driving force behind the success of global health and wellness,” commented co-founder and CEO Noel Chandler.

“Utilizing mobile technologies, human social interactions, and the blockchain, Clinicoin seeks to empower people in their health and wellness, while providing organizations with simple, affordable, and innovative tools to achieve desired health outcomes in the digital age.”

Clinicoin’s tokens are not securities for investments but rather functional utility tokens giving access to platform functions, premium content, incentives, and rewards.

Clinicoin ICO details

Clinicoin’s crowdsale will run from February 21 until March 20, 2018, with a soft cap of $2 million and a hard cap of $26 million. Noteworthy is the lack of a pre-sale stage and whitelists. Everyone participating has access to all bonus levels.

If you’re interested in Clinicoin’s token sale, you can visit the official website or follow their Twitter and Telegram for updates.

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