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Circle, a significant player in the cryptocurrency space, has vehemently rejected accusations of engaging in illicit financing. In a resolute move to clarify its stance, the firm addressed a detailed letter to U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren, explicitly refuting claims of providing financial services to prominent crypto personality Justin Sun, the TRON Foundation, or Huobi Global (now HTX).

However, the Campaign for Accountability, represented by executive director Michelle Kuppersmith, suggested ties between Circle and Sun based on reports from law enforcement operations. With the company’s expansion plan in Singapore and Japan, rumors of an IPO next year, and the battle with the SEC at a crucial stage, anything at this moment can be fatal for crypto. Let’s see what Circle has to say on all this. 

Circle Officially Responded to The Terror Claims 

The firm staunchly reiterated its commitment to lawful operations, denying any association with illicit entities, including Hamas. Circle affirmed its decision to sever all accounts linked with Sun and his enterprises in February 2023, despite no specific classification of Sun or his entities as Specially Designated Nationals by the U.S. government. This action underlines Circle’s adherence to ethical banking practices.

These firm rebuttals from Circle come in response to allegations presented by the Campaign for Accountability, urging Senators Brown and Warren to scrutinize the potential involvement of Sun, TRON, and Circle in financing terrorist organizations.

Impact on Crypto

On the other hand, the allegations have stirred scrutiny around crypto finance, particularly regarding the funding of terror groups. Earlier, The Wall Street Journal initially reported a figure exceeding $130 million in cryptocurrency donations to these groups, later amending the amount to $12 million, suggesting possible transfers to these organizations.

Justin Sun was sued by the SEC in March. This case shows that crypto market players face ongoing regulatory issues. Circle has made significant court efforts and may overcome the regulatory problem if everything goes well, whereas Binance submitted to SEC/DOJ fraud claims after months of denial. 

If All Goes Well, Circle Plans to Go Public in 2024!

Circle, a USDC stablecoin issuer, is trying hard to keep its image clean. It may hold an IPO in early 2024. Circle is notable for issuing USDC, the second-largest US dollar stablecoin. Meanwhile, USDC is the sixth-largest cryptocurrency with $24.43 billion in market value. With $86 billion, its biggest competitor, Tether (USDT), is worth more. USDT’s market value rose 21% in a year, whereas USDC’s fell 68%. The corporation responsible for this important digital asset would gain transparency with an IPO. Naturally, everyone is ecstatic! Are you?

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