Cardtronics: due to crypto currency people will less use ATMs

Operators of ATMs – crypto-currency fear of the future.

Cardtronics, one of the world's largest ATM operators, said in its report that crypto currencies in the future will have a negative impact on ATM business.

Cardtronics relies on information from the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC), according to which, crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, will reduce the population's demand for cash, reports Blocktribune.

Crypto-currency threatens ATMs

Accordingly, these new forms of payment will lead to a reduction in the use of ATMs, Cardtronics believes.

On the other hand, in the world there are more and more specialized cryptomats and ATMs with the possibility of servicing crypto-currency payments.

One of the first traditional ATMs accepting crypto-cash payments were ATM Hranilnica Lon Bank in Slovenia, however, in January of this year processing of crypto-payment by ATMs was suspended due to tightening of turnover crypto-currency.

And in November of last year the first Bitcoin-ATM was installed in Kazan.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News


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