Brave Browser Surpasses 25 Million Monthly Active Users

Privacy-focused Basic Attention Token (BAT) browser, Brave has seen its user base double in size in just about a year after launch, thus marking a substantial growth.

The announcement suggests that the browser is gaining the interest of more new users. It appears that the public is quite enticed with the exceptional features the browser possesses, especially its ability to secure a private browsing activity.

Brave Marks All-Round Growth

The new hit was an all-around growth that extended to the users, creators, and advertisers within the Brave ecosystem. The browser cited that the number of verified creators had surpassed the 1 million mark, as quoted earlier. 

Furthermore, Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) now records over 4.3 million monthly transactions from users, with more than 12 million wallets offering BAT support.

Following the announcement, the web browser is also seeing a 28x growth in ad revenue since its existence. It is now supported in almost 200 counties around the globe.

While citing a few relevances of the web browser, the CEO and Co-founder of Brave, Brendan Eich, believed that the new users are switching to Brave to gain and secure a private browsing experience.

Afterward, Eich left a promising conclusion that they are looking forward to creating new innovative privacy-backed tools that can offer outstanding private browsing experience to users.

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