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Surprised and seeking explanations. Allegedly, around $100 million disappeared suddenly, leading to heightened scrutiny and suspicions, with some individuals raising questions about the involvement of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) and Alameda Research.


While these claims may initially seem unlikely, there is a growing body of evidence that has prompted further investigation into the potential links between SBF or an executive from Alameda Research and the incident. A community member has compiled evidence that has garnered attention and is now being closely examined.

On-chain analysis has revealed movements of thousands of ETH between FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange founded by SBF, and the BALD project. Moreover, the address responsible for deploying BALD has been associated with early voting on SushiSwap proposals, a fact that has raised some concerns due to SBF’s known ties to the decentralized exchange.

Another intriguing discovery is the linguistic similarity between tweets from the BALD deployer and those of SBF, further fueling speculation. Additionally, the same account has been identified as a significant farmer on dYdX, adding to the questions surrounding potential connections to SBF.

On-Chain Activity Shows an Alleged Correlation Between the Deployer and SBF

Further scrutiny of on-chain activities has led to observations of correlations between the actions of the BALD deployer and significant events in SBF’s schedule, including court dates. The name change of the official Twitter account for Project Serum, a decentralized exchange connected to FTX, to one that promoted BALD has also been noted as curious.

Furthermore, connections between the BALD deployer, Binance, and Alameda Research have been uncovered through on-chain interactions, with suggestions of potential links to blacklisted Tether (USDT) addresses, which adds to the complexity of the situation.

As the cryptocurrency community awaits official statements and regulatory actions, discussions have arisen about the importance of greater due diligence within the crypto space. Investors and enthusiasts are emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability, particularly with the influx of new projects and investment opportunities in the industry.

The full impact of the BALD controversy on investor sentiment and the wider cryptocurrency market remains uncertain. Authorities and investigators are now delving deeper into the matter, and the crypto community is hopeful for a clear resolution and equitable outcomes as the search for answers continues in this high-profile cryptocurrency case.

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