Apifiny Announces First Hybrid Digital Asset Trading Platform

Digital asset trading network Apifiny has announced the VIP launch of the world’s first hybrid digital asset trading platform that connects liquidity from CEXs and DEXs through one, single interface.

Apifiny is a global liquidity and financial value transfer network that unifies disparate global trading and settlement systems and remove barriers of time, geography and currency so that financial value moves with unprecedented speed anywhere in the world. The company empowers banks with new payment rails for lightning-fast cross-border remittances, increasing revenue hidden in fragmented payment gateways across both traditional fiat and digital asset classes. Apifiny also empowers digital asset exchanges and institutional traders by offering deep global liquidity, superior price discovery, normalized market data, tighter spreads, faster settlement, and higher fill rates and capital utilization.

Apifiny’s new hybrid exchange (HEX) combines both centralized and AMM (automated market maker) orders in a new, unified global order book. It is designed to provide professional and retail traders and liquidity providers with deep, predictable global liquidity and superior price discovery from over 25 connected exchanges.

“Apifiny HEX solves the problems of centralized and decentralized exchanges by combining the predictability and power of automated market making with the advantages of centralized trading into one unified, global order book,” said Haohan Xu, chief executive officer of Apifiny. “As we accelerate toward our public offering, Apifiny HEX is an important milestone toward capturing a huge global, digital asset trading market opportunity.”

Key benefits for professional and retail HEX traders, market makers, and investors include:

  • No Trading Fees. Get zero taker fees and orders filled instantly.  Pricing is “what you see is what you get.” In addition, participants in the VIP Early Access program will get zero maker and zero taker fees during the early access period starting today until September 30, 2021. Eligible participants will also pay zero maker and zero taker fees for life on Apifiny HEX trades if they trade in an eligible account at least $10,000 by September 30, 2021.*  Traders can sign up at www.apifiny.com/hex-vip.

  • Superior Price Discovery. Traders can find the best asset prices aggregated from over 25 connected exchanges with tightly integrated AMM. Apifiny seamlessly combines centralized and AMM orders into one unified, global order book in a single interface.

  • Deep, Predictable Liquidity.  Access to deep liquidity through over 25 connected, centralized exchanges, combined with AMM’s clearly defined rule sets and predictable liquidity.

  • Full Autonomy and Wallet Security. Users will be able to custody, access and trade a wide range of digital assets pairs using their own decentralized wallet.

  • Institutional-grade Security & Compliance. Apifiny is a regulated trading venue, so traders can rest assured that their counterparties have all completed KYC onboarding with institutional-grade security.

  • Democratized Market Making. Anyone can become a market maker and liquidity provider using automated market making (AMM) and earn reliable yields with no gas fees.

The public launch of Apifiny HEX is planned for early Q4 of this year. Additional features will be announced in late Q4 2021 and Q1 2022. VIP early access program participants will be the first to benefit from the new capabilities as they launch.

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